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collaborative e-greeting-card book wishing ...

Sustainable Schools 4 Sustainable EUrope

Arsakeia Tositseia Junior High Schools GREECE

Let’s all uniteon this beautiful day& try to find peace within ourselves,& let’s celebrate this day together.

Title 1

By Alex

By Erietta

By Michael

Title 1

By Anastasis

By Andrew

By George

Title 1

The Secondary School of Economics in Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Know, Respect & LiveEuropean Values!

Title 1

by Katja, 1E

by Lucija, 1E

Title 1

by Tea, 2C

Title 1

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by Petra, 2C

Title 1

Embrace the diversity...We are all Europe!

Secondary schoolKonjščina

Title 1

By Filip L., 2. B

By SS Konjščina eTwinning team

Your posters

Title 1

classe 4 B

Vibo Valentia Italy

Liceo Scientifico Statale " G. Berto"

United in Diversity!

Title 1

by Davide P. .

by Laura F.

by Nicola

bBy Emanuela B.

by Virginia G.

by Valentina D.

by Francesco D.

"Liceo scientifico statale " G. Berto" VV Italy

Title 1

Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Berto" VV Italy

Happy Europe Day

by Clotilde V.

by Natalia M.

by Daniel F.

by Gabriele T.

by Domenic a C.

by Angelica F.

by Giuseppe D.

by Domenica C.

Title 1

Happy birhtday, Europe & eTwinning!

Tolerance& Solidarity!

Title 1

9th BCitizenhip & English

Students with special needs - autism spectrum disorder

Ana Rita & Rafael

Beatriz & Miguel

Matilde & Tatiana

Lara & Marta

Title 1

Colegiul National Pedagogic "Regina Maria", Deva, Romania

Strong democracy!

Title 1


Title 1

... wishing you Happy Europe & eTwinning Day!

Cro & Romanian EPAS Ss & Ts...

Title 1

By Ada

By Alexia