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Alexia Noué CPD LV 16

Cliquez sur chaque proposition ou faites défiler.

7 The fourth of July

6. Surfin'USA

5. Summer shapes

4. Ice cream?

3. Summer vocabulary

9 Or choose your destination!

2. What do you like to do in the summer?

8. Let's go to Australia!

1 I love summertime


A la découverte de 3 univers à travers cette chanson :

  • la mer
  • la montagne
  • la ville
Flashcards disponibles ICIInviter les élèves à réutiliser les structures I LOVE /I LIKE avec le vocabulaire des flashcards

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WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN THE SUMMER?Découvrez différentes activités et exprimez vos préférences I like to... BUT I don't like to...

Discover and repeat...

Summer vocabulary

... CHOCOLATE ice cream?

... STRAWBERRY ice cream?

... VANILLA ice cream?

...SMALL ice cream?

... BIG ice cream?


Proposer une séance de géométrie:1.Draw a yellow circle. 2.Draw 5 yellow rectangles.3. On a blue paper, stick the rectangles around the circle to make the sun .4.Draw 2 green right triangles.5.Draw the shape of a red boat. 6.Stick the triangles above the red shape to make the boat.7.Paint dark blue waves to make the sea.8.Write I LOVE SUMMER: draw a purple rectangle for the letter I and a purple heart for the word LOVE.

Summer shapes

Demander aux élèves de repérer combien de fois ils entendent "Surfin'USA".

If everybody had an oceanAcross the U. S. A.Then everybody’d be surfin’Like Californi-a...

Surfin' USA

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Listen to the Star-Spangled Banner

Discover US Symbols

Learn about the American Flag

4TH OF JULY Independence Day USA

Visit the Sidney Opera!

Let's go to Australia!

Choose your destination... I'd like to go to...

See you in September! Alexia Noué CPD LV 16