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Universe - escape room


WELCOMEThis is an escape room or rather escape universe. In teams, solve each and every puzzle and write the hints which help you to complete the final password.The passwords must be filled either in CAPITAL LETTERS or numbers.GOOD LUCK!

In a dark deep universe there are two clues to be found. Search it carefully.

5 - L

13 - R

Find the coldest planet in the Solar Sytem.

18 - S

1 - N

It is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. It is a gas giant with a mass (more than) two and a half times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined.It has 79 known natural satellites.

10 - O

These are four biggest moons of Jupiter.Find IO.

2 - I 6 - A

The fourth planet is MARS. Solve the code and find the answer!

.- -- / .. / -... .. --. --. . .-. / - .... .- -. / . .- .-. - .... ?

11 - P

8 - S

12 - E

16 - C

Saturn holds the record for the number of moons in the universe. Titanium is the largest of these. How many moons does Saturn have in total?

3 - C

This is our Galaxy. Its name is taken from the Latin VIA LACTEA. It is estimated to contain 100–400 billion stars and at least that number of planets. It looks like a way, doesn't it?

What is the name of our Galaxy?

15 - I

This is one of the most famous group of stars.Find its name in American English.

7 - U

What is the word hidden in this rebus?

4 - O

On the Earth Tom weighs 60 kg. Jack, his friend who flew to the Moon, weighs 6 times less, and Peter on Mars weighs 3 times less than Tom. How much do all the boys weigh together?

9 - C

Solve the jigsaw puzzles and find the answer.

17 - U

14 - N

Now, you have all the hints. Organise them and enter the final password.


You managed to escape from the Universe.

Good team work!!!!

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for escaping the Universe!




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Taille police

Style bordure

Nom police



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Tekst do skopiowania, a następnie wpisz w "wstaw , </> Inne" pod rodzajowo, aby uzyskać pola zgodne z rozszerzeniem prezentującym swój niestandardowy wygląd

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Nom variable


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