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This is Spain

Santa Teresa School

Hi colleagues! Greetings from Mairena del Aljarafe, in Seville. For celebrating "Europe Day" we would like to show you how Spain is. In our school we have been working different aspects of our country. If you want to see our works you can click on this button in every slide you see it.

Spain is bordered by Gibraltar (UK), Portugal, France and Andorra.

Spain is located in the southwestern part of the continent of Europe

Where is Spain?

The Spanish territory also includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast

Spain has about 44 million inhabitants

The capital of Spain is Madrid, which is located near the center of the country.

Our country is divided into 17 regions , they are 17 autonomous communities and two autonomous cities: Ceuta and Melilla.


The National Day of Spain it is 12th October and it celebrates Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas in 1492

This is the Spanish coat of arms

The "Marcha Real" ("Royal March") is the national anthem of Spain. It has no official lyrics.

The Spanish flag is red, yellow and red


Paella comes from Valencia but people cook it anywhere

You can ask for «Tortilla» Spanish omelet, anywhere in Spain

Gazpacho is the most typical dish in the south of Spain It is very refreshing

Food in Spain is based on the Mediterranean diet, that means that the products we use are mainly: vegetables, cereals, fish and olive oil.

Tapas which can be served hot or cold and can be eaten during the day.In Spain, dinner is usually served between 9 and 11 p.m. (sometimes as late as midnight), leaving significant time between work and dinner. Therefore, Spaniards often go "bar hopping" (Spanish: Ir de tapas) and eat tapas in the time between finishing work and having dinner


Carolina Marin is one of the most important Spanish professional badminton player

Rafa Nadal is our international tennis champion

Football is the most popular sport in Spain, the Real Madrid and Barcelona teams are famous all over the world, the National selection is also well known.We won the World Cup in 2010.


Fernando Alonso is our international champion in car racing

Joan Miró

Pablo Picasso.

Eugenio Salvador Dalí

There are a lot of famous Spanish painters. Probably the most well-known ones in the last years are:


Giralda, in Seville

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Royal Palace in Madrid

La Alhambra, in Granada

Mosque-cathedral of Córdoba


Semana Santa (Holy Week in Seville).is both a demonstration of religiosity and an artistic and ethnographic show presenting sculpture and crafts.

La Feria, in Seville. It is celebrated in April. People wear the traditional dress and dance "Sevillanas"

El Rocío. During the weekend before Pentecost Monday over a million people descend to small village in Huelva .

Spain used to be a very religious country so many festivals come from the religious tradition

Festivals and Traditions

San Fermines. The running of the bulls takes place in Pamplona, every year in the second week of July

Carnival in Cadiz and Tenerife. You can hear carnival music in any corner of the city, and the last touches are put to the fancy-dress costumes

Las Fallas in Valencia. A pyrotechnic spectacle of firecracker detonation and fireworks display

Festivals and Traditions

We also like poetry and it is an esential part of our literature.

There are many traditional dances in Spain, but we have to mention "Sevillanas". If you want to know how they are chlick on the button


Cinema is also an important part of our culture. Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Javier Bardem are three famous actors. Pedro Almodóvar is a well-known cinema director

The most popular musical instrument is the traditional guitar, originated in Spain

Flamenco is a folk art around 200 years old. It is from Southern Spain. Song, dance, and guitar are blended into rhythms that are often improvised and spontaneous.