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6e daily routine + royal family


Long live the Queen!

Randon Bénédicte - Collège Rosa Parks - Cavaillon

1- Print the worksheet 2- Stick it up in your copybook. 3- Do the activities in the right order and check your answers. 4- Correct your mistakes with a green pen if necessary.


La vidéo a été filmée lors de la cérémonie officielle d'anniversaire de la Reine qui s'appelle "Trooping the colours". La Reine fête son anniversaire deux fois: - le 21 avril (son "vrai" anniversaire)- en juin avec cette cérémonie officielle (c'est en quelque sorte son anniversaire de "monarque").

  • Identify all the characters you can.
  • Where are they?
  • What is the name of the music you can hear?
You don't know? Don't panic and click here for help!

Watch the video and answer the questions on your worksheet:


Revise the vocabulary of daily routine by doing the interactive activities again. Click on the icon below.

Remember your vocabulary

  • Identify the subject of the video.

Watch the video and do the activities on your worksheet

Oral comprehension activity

  • STEP 1: In the morning:
Identify the FIRST action the Queen does in the morning. Listen again carefully and tick the correct order:- Reads a newspaper; feeds her dogs; has breakfast.- Has breakfast; reads a newspaper; feeds her dogs. - Has breakfast; feeds her dogs; reads a newspaper. - Feeds her dogs; has breakfast; reads a newspaper.

Watch the video and do the activities on your worksheet

Oral comprehension activity

  • STEP 2:
Identify all the actions the Queen does. Concentrate on the verbs. Do the interactive matching activity to be sure you perfectly understand the verbs of the Queen's morning routine.

Oral comprehension activity

Prince Philip, the Queen's husband, died on April 9th 2021. He was 99 years old.

Breaking news!

  • STEP 3: In the afternoon:
Identify the Queen's favourite hobby. Identify the Queen's favourite drink. What does the Queen do in her office?

Oral comprehension activity

  • STEP 4: In the evening:
Identify the Queen's activities in the evening.

Oral comprehension activity

Learn the vocabulary of the Queen's routine, then close your copybook, don't cheat! Click on the button below and do the activities to check what you know. Good luck!

Practise your vocabulary

Use the elements you have about the Queen's routine on your worksheet to write a short paragraph. Send your paragraph to your teacher for Friday, April 30th by clicking on the link below.Don't forget to write your full name and your class!


The Queen is crazy about dogs, especially corgis! Watch the video in the next slide and write a paragraph to talk about the routine of a Royal dog. That exercise is for Monday, May 3rd, do it in your copybooks!

Follow up activity

The routine of a Royal dog!

See you on Monday!

Just for fun!