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Fake news on E-science

35/44 Y/O

45/54 Y/O

Among the younger generations we have children between the ages of 25 and 34 who accounted for 63% of fake news to be true, of which 18% of these shared it. To rise in the age spectrum of 35/44 years, 49% believed fake news to be true and 15% of them shared them, and still between 45/54 years 52% consider fake news to be true and 14% shares.

25/34 Y/O

What is the disinsormation? disinformation occurs when a fact is intentionally told differently than how it happened or, worse, when it is completely invented. The deliberate purpose is to cause harm to something or someone. From the definition you will have noticed a first distinction: You can misinform, in various ways, about a fact that really happened. In these cases the misinformation does not happen at the source: it misinforms with the wrong narrative that is given of this real fact. The most serious case of disinformation, however, occurs when completely fictional facts are told. This is the case of the hoaxes, in which its complete invention is added to the manipulation of the fact.

The prince of the fake news

One of the most expert on the subject is certainly the German physicist Jan Hendrik Schön, born in 1970, famous for his revolutionary discoveries in the field of mono-molecular semiconductors and nano technologies. In 2001, at the age of 31, he declared to the world that he had made a perfectly functioning transistor using a single silicon molecule. This sensational study, published in journals of the caliber of Nature, Science, Physical Review Letters, earned him the award of numerous and important scientific awards. Too bad it was all a hoax: Hendrik, who at that time managed to maintain the incredible average of one scientific publication a week, trivially rigged the results of his experiments, modified the graphs and gloated in front of the press all over the world. He never admitted his faults, only that he made some small mistakes in his tests.