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Welcome to Hogwarts

ProjecTeach by Tina

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards) We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. The term begins on 27 May. We await your owl by no later than 24 May. Yours sincerely, Minerva McGonagall


Draco Malfoy

Ron Weasley

Argus Filch

Albus Dumbledore

Severus Snape

Let's meet them

Let's go

Which character is...

01 friendly?

02 wise?

03 selfish?

04 often annoyed?

05 bitter?






of the things you need

Wrong answer

All eight-year students will require: 1. An owl or a rat 2. "The History of Magic" by Bathilda Bagshot 3. A cauldron (size 2) 4. A wand

I'm all set!

- Hello, dear. ______________ you?- I'm looking for "The History of Magic". - Of course - are you an eight-year student at Hogwarts? - Yes, I am. How ____________? - That's 2 Gallons and 5 Sickles. - Here you are. - Thank you! Have ____________ at Hogwarts!- Thanks!

- Merlin's Beard! What __________ here? - Hello, Mr. Ollivander. I'm here to get a new wand. - _____________ your previous one? - Well, I got into a fight with Percy and now it's broken. - Oh, I see. Let's find you a new one then. I hope you have _________ time. Sometimes it takes more than 5 hours to find the right wand!- I do, sir. "The wand chooses the wizard" - I remember that.

- Oh, hi there. I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy. And you are... - _____________. Nice to meet you. Do you work here? - No, I don't. _____________ at Hogwarts. - Me too! I'm here to get a cauldron. - What _____________ need? - 2. Do you know where they are? - Yes, you can find them on the right. - Thanks a lot!

- Good morning!- Good morning! - I need to buy a pet to take to Hogwarts with me. - Certainly. _________ a cat? They're nice and friendly. - No, sorry - we're not allowed to have a cat this year. - Oh, alright. Do you like rats? - _________. I'm actually afraid of them. - Hmmm... ___________ an owl? - That's a good idea! I'll take the big brown one!

Hey! You look confused. I'm Ron Weasley. I can help you get to the platform. Just follow me.

You're probably wondering why there are Christmas trees here. Let me explain you that - click on the biggest tree.

Professor Dumbledore is not here today. He had to go to the Ministry of Magic. 1.___ My dad says the Dark Lord is coming back and he thinks it was his followers...Anyway, Dumbledore asked Professor McGonagall to take care of the decorations and... she decided it would be nice to have Christmas earlier this year. 2. ___ Crazy, isn't it? I mean, I like Christmas as well, but I think we should wait a little bit longer. Ok, we need to get back to the Great Hall. If Filch finds out we're not there - we're going to get detention! 3. ___ That wouldn't be a fun thing to start your Hogwarts adventure with. Let's go!

a) She's obsessed with this holiday!b) Somebody stole something from Gringotts!c) My last one was with Snape... d) He loves going there.

What did Ron say? Complete the text and find out!


Detention on your first day! Well, you have to help me find a key. I have extra potions with Draco tomorrow and I need the key to open the box with the ingredients for advanced learners.It's huge and quite old. Come on! What are you waiting for?!

Oh no! It was a portkey! Now you're in the building of the Ministry of Magic. You have to complete some tasks to get out of here!








Welcome to the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

We're sorry to tell you that the office is closed today. You can send us an owl or come back tomorrow, though we can't promise that somebody will be able to help you then.

The note was written to:a) warn youb) inform youc) offer help

Welcome to the Department of Magical Accidents and Catasptrophes

The wizard wants you to:a) write an articleb) go somewhere with himc) talk to rita skeeter

You're finally here! Come on, I need your help. Take the picture from the table and come with me - they're waiting for us! Cornelius told me it was terrible - 5 muggles have been injured! Rita Skeeter is on her way and we have to get there before she does - I don't want her to write any more articles, the last one was terrible.

Welcome to the Department of Magical Transportation

wizards who need more floo powder should:a) go to room number 8b) get it from jennyc) sit on the armchair

Hello there! My name is Ann Evergreen and I'm the head of this department.If you're here to register your broom - please go straight to room number 8. If you want to buy some Floo Powder, you can pay for it next to the fireplace. There's a young witch called Jennie who will help you.If you want to report problems with a portkey - please put the portkey on the armchair and come back tomorrow.

Welcome to the Department of Mysteries

If you're an unspeakable:a) you should go to the main hallb) you need permission to open the doorc) you can enter the department

Stop! You can't visit this department without permission. Only Unspeakables can open the door. Please go back to the main hall.

Welcome to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

you shouldn't go to an office if:a) you have made an appointmentb) you want to see an aurorc) you need to talk to somebody about some muggle artefacts

If you're here to see an Auroror you have made an appointment - please go straight to their office. Other witches and wizards - please wait at the table.

Yay! We're back!

Dear eight-year student, Mr Filch told me you have left the school, which is forbidden! Please send me a letter (you can use this owl) in which you have to: - explain why you left the school - tell me where you've been and what you've been doing there- apologise and promise you'll never do it again Your letter should contain between 50-120 words.Sincerely, Albus Dumbledore