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History S1


Your Single Story.



In your Thinking Routine of the video, you pointed out some topics present in Chimamanda's Ted Talk. They are: STEREOTYPESIGNORANCE1ST IMPRESSIONSPOWERRACISMBELIEVEVING WITHOUT QUESTIONINGRIGHTSDISCRIMINATIONPREJUDICEPERCEPTIONSSUPERIORITYGENERALISATIONSNEGATIVE STORIES ARE THE ONES THAT ARE HIGHLIGHTED. POINT OF VIEW Choose ONE of thses topics to make your final task. Rememebr the task may be done individually or in pairs.

Design a campaign to make people reflect on one of the topics in your school or community. Think that the most important objective of your campaign should be being RELEVANT to people at school or in your community.

Share an anecdote of what was "Your Single Story" and how it changed your perspective. Your writing MUST reflect a clear connection with Chimamanda's message on the danger of the single story.

Make a collage to raise awareness on one of the topics available. Add a written explanation of the collage to the audience of your collage.

Make a video that shows in the light of one of the topics, the dangers of the single story. Make your video as relevant as possible to people in your age group or community.