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Differences between affect and effect


Affect vsEffect

Problem words


Verb: To influence someone or womething, or to cause them to changeNoun: A feeling or amotion that influences what you do or think


Noun: The change or event that happens as a result of an influenceVerb: To make somwthing happen

* Studying sciences may affect the way you perceive the world.* Whether or not carbon dioxide (CO2) has an effect on the air will be tested by scientists.* The spreading of news about climate change was needed in order to effect a change on the garbage disposal.* In effect, it was more friendly to the environment to use solar energy.* The new law about protecting wildlife took effect on March 2021.* In the beginning it was difficult for the general population to put into effect the new green bag for the garbage disposal.* Greenpeace has made a good effect on the public but not so much on big companies.