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Digital life balance

A modern problem topic relating everyone

The digital life balance is an important factor to consider in the every day life and on a way or another concern us.If we don't think about it our digital life could become a real problem depriving us from our life, and making us forget the real utility of social and digital tools.The main problems are:

  • Phubbing
  • Cyber bullism related to the social

The distribution of the social and internet

Not only the number of person using social or internet are increased, but also the time spent, in fact the use of internet is increased in the last 5 years of 84% (time used on the internet on a mobile device) .

The use of internet is widely spread in the world mainly in Europe and America.

The highest percentage of social network's users are teenangers and people under 30.

Time spent online

The average time spent by people online in 2020 is increased a lot and it's a trend that is continuing mainly with the social media , for example in 2018 the time spent woldwide was of 144 minutes,(2.22 hours).This number change a lot depending on the age.That's a lot of time that we can spend making other things for example making phisical activity that doesn't mean that everyone waste time using social media but in some case can become a real problem.

Time spent online on the social media by world zone and age.

The phubbing

The phubbing is a phenomenon that consist in snoobing anyone using the phone.The major problem derive from the social contest because it can annoy the person you snob and can create conflict with him.Some things that is possible to do is to


Cyberbulling is any form of offence ofmaking others feel uncomftable or bad committed through the social media

Done by:Kira LòpezBerta Mas Berta OdinaAron DriefholtPietro LambertoPietro Lamberto