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Gr 7/8SuperheroesLesson 4

Basic templatPresentation

Basic guide to create an awesome presentation

3. learn an English carnival song and write/ record your own.

2. solve (maths) puzzles, read clues, find out who is the culprit.

1. solve an Oeteldonkian superheroes carnival mystery.

In this lesson you will ....

What you need to know about carnival in Oeteldonk.

Carnival in Oeteldonk

Watch the instruction video


There are 9 pages with clues and puzzles to solve. You have to do them all. Then you'll find out who the mystery balloon releaser is.You need page 2 to cross out options. When you've done all puzzles there is only 1 name left.


Click on clue 1 to open and see all the clues.


Click on the button to fill in your answer online!


All answers


Listen to the song

Carnival song


Now make your own song and record it.You can also record the such fun song!

Carnival song

Have a nice carnival break

Thank you