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Media Literacies







main courses: databases

Content Area Databases


BrainPop, BrainPOP ELL



Academic OneFile, Environmental Sutdies, ES, HS, MS, OneFile, Health and Wellness, Informe Academico, News, OneFile HS Edition, Opposing Viewpoints, Power Search, Science



American History, African American Experience, American Government, The Latino American Experience, World Geography, World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, World History: The Modern Era, World Religions

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Britannica - All Levels, Britannica Escolar, Britannica Moderna

Learn 360

Learning Express

National Geographic Kids


SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Issue Researcher

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Main Courses: databases

Database Lessons

Digital Note-Taking

Custom Digital Note-Taking Tool

Search Strategies

How to conduct effective searches and view various types of resources within databases

Overview of Databases

Review select databases for specific content are or research subject

Features of Databases

Citation tool, Save/Send Feature

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Lessons can be personalized for content areas


main courses: Media literacies

Digital citizenship

identifying source types

copyright and fair use

Fact-Checking, Evaluating Sources, Identifying Bias, Privacy and Security, Digital Footprint,

Primary and Secondary Sources, Analyzing Primary and Secondary Sources

Copyright for Students, Fair Use Guidelines, Citing Sources, Paraphrasing, Finding Copyright-Friendly Media (images, sound, etc.)


AI (Artificial Intellegence)

Effective Use for Teachers and Students, Best Practices, Reliable Sources for AI

MAIN Courses: Research

Research Tools and Strategies

Evaluating Information

Source Types, Evaluating Sources for Accuracy, Quality, and Bias

Organizing Information

Forming Research Questions, Digital Note-Taking, Comparing/Contrasting

Citation Tools

MLA/APA Formatting, EasyBib

Search Strategies

Refining Searches, Boolean Operators, Using Google Effectively, Using Keywords

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Made to Order

Want a quick 15-minute lesson? Or are you looking for a full combo? Not a problem! All lessons are made to order. Contact your librarian for more information


main courses: tech tools

Tech Tools for the Classroom


Create professional looking infographics, worksheets, presentations, videos, and much more! Access through launchpad.


Instructional lesson frames that are designed to engage students in learning through critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. They can be used with any subject or grade level.

Adobe Express

Online and mobile application to create videos, infographics, social media posts, webpages, and more. Sign-in through Launchpad and get started!


Collaborate on projects between groups of users. "Users can modify texts, shapes, colors, and images and add functionalities such as hovering, scrolling, or animation to their interface assets."

Flip (formerly FlipGrid)

Free video discussion platform for all grade levels. Create an educator account, discover topics and connect with educators around the world.

Google for Education

Free suite of educational tools. Create assignments and presentations to share with your students. Explore powerful add-ons and extensions, including PearDeck. The possibilities are endless.

collaborate on a lesson using one of these tools or request a PD


Main courses: Just for teachers

PD for Teachers

Choice Boards

Learn how to make interactive menus for your students.

Creation Tools

Learn how to use product-centered tools like Canva, Adobe, and Genially.

Google Tools

Get one-on-one help with Google Classroom, Docs, Forms, Slides, and Sheets.

Content Area Collaboration

Design a content area lesson rich in technology and content area resources. You pick the topic.

Choose one for some one-on-one PD

CURATED LISTS FOR TEACHERSContent area book collections and digital resources by topic.


MAIN courses: house specials

Reading Promotions

Book Tastings

Library Orientation

  • Library policies and procedures
  • Learn the basics of how the library is organized including library genrification.
  • Using the library catalog
  • Dewey Decimal System
  • Library Resources in Launchpad


Customize Your Orientation

Book Clubs

  • Themed Promotions
  • Heritage Month Promotions

  • Exploration of Genre/Genres
  • Exploration of Books by Topic/Theme

  • Maker projects/lessons
  • Spheros, Merge Cubs, Dash Robots, Legos, Arts/Crafts, Magnetic Tiles, Ozobots, , Marble Maze, K'Nex
  • Games & Puzzles
  • StickTogether Poster

  • Student Book Club
  • Faculty Adult Book Club-TBD


Content Specific Escape Rooms

  • Physical escapes using Breakout EDU platform and boxes. Find ideas on breadoutedu.com or request custom made escapes.
  • Digital escapes using the Breakout EDU platform or request custom made escapes.