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How the use of technology and social media affects children and the problems that it leads

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Learning with technology

Positive aspects

Negative aspects


In recent years, the increase in the use of technology has changed our way of life and many of our habits.

Technology has spread to many areas, including school, changing and also introducing new learning methods.

Thanks to the thecnological revolution, people have much more possibilities: they have access to large amounts of information any time they need and they can easily communciate with people, even if divided by wide distances.

Negative aspects of technology at school

1. The use of technology involves rather expensive costs for both schools and pupils, some of whom may not be able to have sufficient technologic devices.

3. Teachers need to be competent, well informed and sometimes take building activities.

2. The use of technology can distract students while they are using it.

4. Technology can bring about technical problems and slow down the lessons.

5. To can use it in schools, many privacy issues need to be addressed first.


Positive aspects of tecnology at school

1. Young people like technology so using it at school helps make lessons more engaging

3. It is important that students learn to use technology not only for leisure, as it will be useful when they enter the world of work.

2. It helps them to learn alternatively, stimulates photographic memory and contributes to memorize concepts more.

4. It also helps to learn cooperation because students can easily contact each other and communicate despite the distance


Technology during the Pandemic

Technology has been really useful in this period because it made it possible to compensate for the impossibility of going to school physically by giving students and teachers the opportunity to continue the learning and not to waste the lessons of the school year. At the beginning of the pandemic, the organization was not easy, however the schools have applied themselves to solve the problems and guarantee students the possibility of attending lessons by providing them with technological devicies they didn't have.


From this table we observe that the data for students who own a computer at home are about the same in every country, however there is still a lot of difference between the countries that have included technology in schools and those who haven’t done it yet.



Creativity is the ability of people to create new things in different forms or even to create something new. Writing, dancing, singing or painting are mainly called creative living out. But why? And how technology and social media affect this?


Creative expression is another form of communicating. Because where words stop, creative expression is an important means of expressing feelings, thoughts or even opinions. Whether you show your feelings through a painted picture or you put your worries into the lyrics of a new song. Creative expression is a great help especially for young people to share their opinions and passions in a population with others who think alike.

''They open up a whole new world of creativity for visual artists, musicians and designers and provide us with a new, thrilling view of the world around us, and indeed, ourselves. With technology, artists are able to push the boundaries of art and we are seeing static art evolve into art forms that are fluid, that adapt to their surroundings and interact with their audience.''



Digital Art is broadly defined as art created with the help of technology such as computers or graphics tablets.

the first museum full of digital art

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Social Media, creative expression and art

"In today’s connected world, anyone is able to create and share their art with the world. There are no more boundaries. No more restrictions. Today, creatives are able to experiment and push the envelope, surprise us and take us to new and unexpected places. True art is not about which techniques or mediums the artist chooses to use. True art is provocative. It creates a dialogue and changes the way the viewer feels and thinks."

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Even though art is in the eye of the beholder, a lot creators are achieving great success on these platforms, as they inspire more and more people with their kind of creative expression through their wide reach into different countries around the world.

Drawers and painters also find inspiration on these apps like Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Whether it is a motif or a new painting technique. These artists find feedback and criticism on social media, which allows many to evolve.

Social media helps not only teenagers but also adults to spread their art and what their love. Boundaries such as language, distance and cultural differences no longer exist or can be overcome through social media.

What is TikTok?

Many so-called creators use the short videos you can upload on the app to give other people tips in many different areas, share funny moments or what is most popular short dance choreographies. What most viewers like can quickly become a trend and inspire millions more who post similar videos.

How TikTok increased

TikTok as an example

A little dance trends compilation from a famous creator on TikTok

Just with the Corona pandemic, the number of useres of the app TikTok increased incredibly. More and more people downloaded the app, as it gives space for different forms to be creative.

A article about Tiktok and creative expression.

A statistic about the increased download numbers


As you can see on this table the number of downloads increased in the frist two quarters from 199 million downloads to 315 million downloads.

In recent years it has become clear that musicians have been able to show their art through social media more and more. Again and again, musicians and producers have gained wide reach and tell their stories and other things through their songs. They inspire and serve as role models large numbers of people.​ ​A good example is Billie Eilish. The young artist gained a lot of fans after one of their songs went viral on several platforms and apps also including TikTok. Just in the first years her popularity climbed higher and higher. She won many awards including 5 grammys and all because her music expressed her creativity which touched and inspired millions of people.

Music as creative expression

not only musicians covered her songs also dancer began to choreograph her songs because their where inspired


Tecnology forms part of our lives in different ways. We use mobile phones, computers and tablets. We use all this devices for a lot of different things. But also the need to use this electronic devics for almost everything has negative aspects. One of this negative aspects is priorzitzing the mobile phone or the tecnology in general over the family relationships especially towards children.






Overuse of tecnology can affect parents in diferent ways:

The overuse of tecnology can affect children in differnet ways:

They can may be the ones who give an excessive use to the electronic devices and consequently put the good education of their children in a second place and also forget that they have to play and give to their children a good childhood.

If the parents are the ones who use excessively the tecnology they may be forgetting to take care of their children and give them attention so children can fall sad and lonely. But also they can be the children who are addicted to electronic devices and consequently don't spend time with friends. This can cause a lack of communication between parents and children that can cause unnecessary fights between them.


CONCLUSION: We have to moderate the usng of the electronic devices and use it only id is necessary especialy in the moments when the parents are with their children. but alo try to reduce the using of the tecnology in children cause this can cause fights with prents because of the comunication lack

Make friends online, is it a great idea?

Making friends online has it's probs and cons,to be honest everything has good and bad things.Of course you have to be really careful when meeting new people online.

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I personally think that making online friends is not a bad thing and nothing to be embarrassed for. These friends you make by the internet are as valid as the people you see everyday.I think that of course you have to be careful, and never do something you will regret. I believe that making friends online is a very taboo subject in society nowadays, and it shouldn't be. I myself have online friends and I think that meeting them has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.



Having online friends isn't bad as long as you go about it safely. If you're wondering what makes online friends real, it is partially the social emotional connection you have and partially verifying that they are who they say they are. Before you make online friends real friends, make sure to video chat and talk on the phone. Be sure to always bring someone with you when you meet people that you've only had digital communication with so far in person.Be sure to talk to people you meet online through video chat before you meet up. Meet in a public place and bring someone with you. Online friendships aren't just made by adults, so it is important to be aware of the potential that your teenager might make friends online whether you know about it or not.Real friends are people that make you feel good. Social connections are positive for your mental health, and being around someone that is a real friend will generally be uplifting. A true friend should give you a sense of support. When we talk about a support system, we often think of friends, family, and possibly, a mental health professional or multiple mental health providers. A real friend is therefore you through tough times and pleasant times alike and enhances your life. (so basically if your internet friends make you feel happy they can be as close with them as If you see them every day in school or the streets.)

Things you should know before making friends online


To much use- no sport

It is actually logical, the more you are on the phone, the less you move. Because you quickly get into such a rhythm and get used to being on Instagram, WhatsApp or TikTok a lot. Then you quickly have the feeling that it is no longer possible without it. Since little movement is mentally and physically bad for the body, one must urgently take care to move.

stay active

take care of your health

set yourself a time limit


it is best to exercise in the fresh airit is best to exercise in the fresh air










This happens when people believe they have serious illnesses even if they have small discomforts because they have read a lot about it on the Internet.

This happens when we have anxiety or panic to not have access to a mobile phone.

Because of the unlimited access to information our brain has become lazy, so it does not strive to retain information.

Dr. Larry Rosen explains that this happens because our brain associates the mobile phone with any impulse it receives, especially if we are under a lot of stress.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.





Because of technology you can suffer from both anxiety and depression. We are often pressured by social media and other people's opinion so can end developing these illneses. Cyberbullying also contributes to the development of anxiety and depression.


Experiment with short periods of inaccessibility. If your lifestyle allows it, keep your phone tucked away and check it at designated times throughout the day rather than having it immediately accessible at all times.

1 )

2 )

Leave your phone at home one day a week.

3 )

Learn moderation. Chocolate is bad for you if you eat too much. Drinking too much alcohol is also bad. Perhaps we need to learn to view technology in the same light.