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28 months project monitoring

SHui project

Meetings for strengthening project (due to COVID-19):

  • Coordinators meeting: EU and Chinese coordinator are holding monthly meeting with these main issues:
    • Project status
    • Encouraging cooperation between countries
    • Contingency plan due to COVID-19
    • Project meeting planning, especially Final Chinese meeting.
  • WPs meeting:
    • Several WPs are having periodic telematic meeting to keep in touch and interchange results.

Deliverables and Milestones finalized with success and delivered to the EC during this period. Documents are available in: Deliverables Milestones Deliverables: D7.3 Mid project evaluation by external Advisory Board D2.1 Calibrated AquaCrop`model for Shui D2.3 Preliminary design of fully coupled hydrologic-crop growth model D7.5 Elaboration and deliver of the second Annual Meeting Report D2.5 Improved algorithms based on soil hydrology for AC and TW Milestones: MS18 Improved Mid-term review by External Advisory Board.

Main dissemination activities:

  • SHui at ESA 2020: Several SHui researchers virtually attended the European Society of Agronomy’s biennial meeting (1 to 4 September 2020 -https://esa-congress-sevilla2020.es/ ). Delivered via Zoom, with a total of 270 participants.
  • FAFU farmers event: On September 2020, FAFU organised a farmer training event in Longyan City, Fujian Province. Water Resources Efficient Management Technology Demonstration and Promotion, from FAFU University, has carried out a campaign aiming at promoting the efficient use of water resource use to farmers and the public in southern China.
  • CVUT at COSMOS: On 8th – 9th October, SHui partners at CVUT joined the 6th international COSMOS Workshop in Heidelberg, Germany. Dr David Zumr et al presented ‘Foreseen potential of Cosmic Rays Neutron Sensing for better understanding of catchment runoff dynamic’.
  • SHui at V Jornada Catedra AgroBank: On 18th November, Dr. Diego Intrigliolo from CEBAS-CSIC will participate in the V Jornada Catedra AgroBank on Mediterranean agriculture and sustainable development goals.
  • SHui at Malasian Society: Negating the 8 hour time difference thanks to some creative scheduling by the conference organisers, Professor Ian Dodd (Lancaster Environment Centre) delivered a plenary lecture “Exploiting plant physiology for sustainable development” at the 30th Malasyan Society of Plants Physology Conference to close the event for 17 November 2020.
  • ARO at Internacional Conferences: Our Israeli SHui partner, Dr Alon Ben-Gal has been busy speaking at 3 international events related to our WP2:
    • “Irrigation water quality effects on soils, crops and resource use efficiencies” Oct. 19th
    • “Considering water quality in approaches to optimize irrigation productivity”. Nov 12th
    • “Managing irrigation water as a function of its quality”. Nov. 17th

General Project Meetings:Project Board Meeting. 27-28 October 2020Braving local lockdowns, SHui’s researchers gathered on a new online platform (CSIC’s CONECTA) to discuss recent progress and collaborations with SHui. Despite the challenges of the summer, a number of high points emerged from the discussions:

  • Chinese researchers are now able to conduct face-to-face focus groups with farmers
  • BOKU outlined database visualisation plans to enhance user friendliness
  • Interactions between crop / landscape models with remote sensing inputs
  • Recruitment of a “front-end specialist” by ARO to ensure Decision Support tools are farmer-accessible
  • Recruitment of a new Community Manager to enhance our stakeholder engagement
SHui partners also participated in an interactive survey to identify a way forward for SHui farmer engagement. SHui Chinese research platform: The China-EU Soil-Crop System Water Resources Management Innovation Research Platform held its mid-term assessment preparation meeting in Beijing On November 15, 2020. The meeting was attended by Chinese participants in the SHUI project, chaired by Professor Xu Weifeng, the project leader. During the meeting, the subject leaders discussed the completion of the project and the project common experiment. At the meeting, the experts evaluated the completion of each project. By comparing the initial goals, the project has reached the requirements of the mid-term assessment. The experts first affirmed the achievements of the work of the various units, further stressed the necessity for the SHui project to strengthen Sino-foreign cooperation and encouraged active communication and exchange on the project’s common experiment. In addition, the experts mentioned that a major focus of the SHui project should be to increase consideration of the water management platform developed to meet the application needs of farmers in actual production.