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My Ideal School

Unit 3

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7. Final Task: My Ideal School

6. Teachers will be teachers...

4. Muggle and Magical School Places

3. Dreamy School Subjects !

2. My Favourite Hogwarts School Supply

5. Don't forget your potion class, at 2!

1. Obliviate?


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9. Timeline

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Game - Pair work Create a mindmapWith your partner, you have 5 minutes to find as many words linked to the word "school" as possible.

1. Obliviate?

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Activity 1: Read the extract from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and underline the school supplies for witches and wizards!Activity 2: Match the words to the images.


2. My Favourite Hogwarts School

3. Dreamy School Subjects !

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Present your favourite Hogwarts class, in front of the class - you can use the internet to find information about it, beforehand.Say what the class is about, where the classes take place and why you like it.

Small Task / Homework:

4. Muggle and Magical School Places

What's your favourite place?What's your least favourite place?Pick out your favourite place. Why do you like it so much? Can you compare the Hogwarts one and the Arretxea one?


Look at Harry Potter's timetable very carefully.

5. Don't forget your potion class, at 2!

1. Read very carefully the biographies of these four Hogwarts teachers.Then, describe them one by one, using the details present in their biographies.

6. Teachers will be teachers...

WizardYear of Birth: Summer 1881Age: 110Subject: He was a Transfiguration teacher. Now, he is Headmaster of Hogwarts.Hair: long, straight, white.Eyes: bluePersonality: kind, mysterious and very powerful.Pet: a phoenix, Fawkes.Particularity: The only wizard Voldemort is scared of.

Albus Dumbledore

WitchYear of Birth: 1935Age: 56Subject: a Transfiguration teacher. Also Deputy Headmistress and head of Gryffindor House.Hair: long, wavy, brown.Eyes: bluePersonality: strict, strong, fair and nice.Particularity: She is an animagus: she can transform into a cat.

Minerva McGonagall

WizardYear of Birth: 1960Age: 31Subject: a Potions Master / Teacher. Also head of Slytherin House.Hair: shoulder-length, straight, dark.Eyes: blackPersonality: strict, mean, mysterious and unfair.Particularity: He hates Harry Potter.

Severus Snape

WizardYear of Birth: 1935Age: 56Subject: a Charms Master / Teacher. Also head of Ravenclaw House.Hair: long, curly, grey.Eyes: bluePersonality: enthusiastic, cheerful and kind.Particularity: He is part-goblin, part-wizard.

Filius Flitwick

2. Now, watch this video.Pick out as many elements as you can about this teacher (name, subject taught, prizes won, personality).

Now, present one of your teachers. Don't forget to give:- her / his full name.- her / his age, her / his year of birth (if possible...).- the subject she / he teaches in Arretxea.- her / his physical description.- details on her / his personality.- her / his particularity.

Small Task: Present one of your teachers.

Draw your ideal school or create a model of it. Then, make a video presenting it or write a description of this school.Don't forget to:1. describe the school.2. make a list of the important school supplies pupils will need.3. say what subjects are taught there.4. locate and describe the different school places.5. talk about the timetable.6. describe some teachers (minimum: 2).

7. Final Task: My Ideal School