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Hiroshima, "Little Boy"

Atomic Bombs, WWII

In 1945, two atomic bombs were dropped over Japan in the cities of HIroshima and Nagasaki to end WWII. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed both immediatlely and in the fallout.

~140,000 total dead

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Hiroshima: Dropping the Bomb

"Hear first-hand accounts from the air and ground, re-telling every memory from the day the world first witnessed the horrors of atomic warfare."

Moderate Blast Damage Radius

~74,000 total dead

Nagasaki, "Fat Man"

What If? "Little Boy" in Cincinnati

Source: BBC

Thermal Radiation Radius

Radiation Radius

Fireball Radius

Heavy Blast Damage Radius

Nagasaki: Before & After

Souce: History.com

The number of nuclear warheads in the world grew during the Cold War Arms Race. And while the number of weapons decreased, the power of the weapons grew dramatically.Question: Has the threat of Nuclear war grown or reduced since WWII?

Nuclear Weapons Today

Source: Statista (CC)

Power of Nuclear Weapons: 1945 vs. 2020

Source: Business Insider, 2017

How Many Nukes Does Each Nuclear Country Have?

Active Warheads, 1986, Peak of Cold War

Active Warheads, 2017



Source: Statista.com

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