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this interactive image is to show students how to use the custom search option when looking for study abroad programs.


Using the Custom Search Feature

Enter in program location or other key words you're looking for in a program (e.g., ISEP, internship, Biology, etc.) into search bar.

Select the term you are wanting to go in (example: spring, fall, summer, etc.). You can leave this blank if you do not want to search by a specific term.

There are different ways to search for programs. The Simple search lets you search by just a few parameters. Advanced Search lets you search by a lot parameters. Featured Search displays only featured programs. Map Search allows you to use an interactive map to find programs based on location. Custom Search is a new feature that allows you search by key words.

Custom search will try to match you with the most relevant programs at the top. As you scroll you may see similar programs, but with different locations or topics.

The green bar is the match strength you have with the program based on what you typed in the search bar. If you hover over the green bar, a percentage will appear.

You can click on the heart to like programs that you may be interested in. Then you can go back an view them later.

After you like a program by clicking on the heart, a little box that says "view liked" will appear right here! Click on the box to see all of the programs you've liked.

A yellow star means this is a featured program.

The system will always try to show you a minimum number of options, so some programs may seem like they don't match well with your search. For example, searching by "Budapest" brought up a program Prague, which is also located in Central Europe.