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M@r Nostrum a Portuguese Blue School Project


A European Blue School Project

Be Ocean Wise

Escola Básica Dr. Alberto IriaOlhão-Portugal

Manuela Valentim Teixeira

Blue School-What is it?

The Blue School programme also relies on partnerships with a great variety of entities connected to the sea, who provide multidisciplinary marine education actions directed at Blue Schools

Blue School encourages schools to explore Ocean issues through structured and interdisciplinary strategies, aiming for a social impact both with the participation of different partners and through the involvement of local communities

Escola Azul - Blue School is an educational programme of the Portuguese Ministry of the Sea, developed at the Directorate-General for Maritime Policy.

How to become a Blue School

Blue School Criteria

Ocean Literacy Principles

Project Aims

This project aims to promote Ocean Literacy and strengthen the link between the sea sector and school

  • Address the issue of Ria Formosa Preservation
  • The Importance of Water in Maintaining Life
  • Sustainable Water Resource Management for Ecosystem Balance
  • Renewable Energy Production for a Sustainable Economy
  • Climate Change Causes and Consequences
  • The Importance of the SDGS (Particulary Goal 14 )

Project Based Learning

  • Building a Website
  • Organizing Workshops/Debates
  • Organizing Campaigns
  • Art and Work Exhibitions
  • Students become Change Makers (Spirit of Initiative and Creativity)
  • Connect with other Schools to Share Ideas and Learn from others
  • A Project to be continued for the next two years


  • Time to Take Actions
  • Working with Partnerships
  • Establishing Protocols with Local and National Institutions
  • Involve the School Community; Families and Local Community/ Authorities
  • Involved all 8th grade Classes and two 5th Grade Classes (about 130 Students from 10 to 14 years old and 15 Teachers)

Finding Solutions

  • Choosing a Local Problem with which the Students felt related with (From Local to Global)
  • Draw a Plan (Communication and Collaboration )
  • Submission of the Project to The Blue School Team
  • Develop Digital Skills
  • Autonomy and Critical Thinking
  • Division of Tasks and Responsibilities

Identifying a Problem and Doing Research


An initiative by DECO and the DNS.PT Association in partnership with: Directorate-General for Consumers, ERTE-DGE, IGAC, ANPRI, INPI, RBE, PNL2027, FCT-CIS. 2nd place in the Environmental Sustainability Category

SiteStar7 Contest

Our Website

Educational Impact

The website was also given a note of appreciation by the Regional Education Delegate of the Algarve, Drº Alexandre Martins Lima “The WeCycle Team has set itself an example for the school community, demonstrating that on the path to school success, effort, commitment, dedication, unity and discipline are the vehicle to achieve the deserved recognition, not forgetting the active role and entrepreneurial spirit of Ms. Prof. Manuela Teixeira, thus contributing to the valorization of Education in the district, as well as to the national projection " Next Step: English version of our website


Climate Change



Celebrating Blue School Day

The Importance of Social Media Campaigns: Spread the Word and Give the Students the Change to Make their Voice to be Heard

Short Animation Video

This Short Animation done by three students tell the story of an Old lady that is confronted with the Cruel Reality of the Pollution of her favourite beach

Hank the Crab talks about Ria Formosa's Pollution

A Trip to Ria Formosa Ebook

European Blue School Application

The Network of European Blue Schools is hosted on the official Maritime Forum website of the European Commission. You will require an EU Login and password to submit your application and participate in our online community.

European Maritime Day 2021 Make your Pledge:https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/maritimeforum/en/node/5914

Changing Mindsets and making our Students True Change Makers

Our Website:http://marnostrum.pt/

My email:manuela.teixeira@agrupalbertoiria.edu.pt

Thank you for your time and attention