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Tips to improve your speaking skills


Imitation technique

Copying what native speakers say is going to help you feel more confident when you speak.


Watching films

Watching films is a strategy to learn useful expressions you can incorporate in your speech

Reading is an excellent way to learn new vocabulary and recognize grammar structures

Listening to music

Talking to natives

The best way to improve your communicative skills is by talking to natives.

Listening to music is an entertaining way to learn new vocabulary and useful expressions to use in your conversations

Work on your Pronunciation

In English pronunciation is very important if you want people to understand what you say.

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Tips to improve your writing skills


Create a journal

Practice makes perfect! Start writing small paragraphs about easy topics you are familiar with.


Write & improve

This fantastic tool provided by Cambridge English will help you write about different topics. .

Reading books, magazines or blogs of different topics will show you different writing styles.

Use online grammar checkers

Learning English Websites

Visit specialized websites to learn English such as the British Council. and BBC Learning English

You can find amazing online tools to correct your writings.

Check your understanding

Click on the link to open a google form in order to evaluate how much you learnt about these tips.

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