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Create Your Reading & Resources List ... in Minutes

Please login to Blackboard. Whenever possible, login to the course you're creating the reading list for, but if it's not available yet, choose any course.Click the menu link: "Readings & Resources". This opens the Readings & Resources tool (in a new tab/window) and recognizes you as the instructor. Your initials appear in the top right corner.

For Faculty ...

Associate it to a course

Select a template

Click create

Enter a title for you reading list

Add a New List

Create a List

Adding a section

There are are three templates to choose from to separate content. Pre-defined Headings: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, etc. Week 1 ( with dates) Custom Headings

Add tags to item

Add tags


Add items +

1. Click on the button the 'Add Items' button.2. The right pane will open another set of menu so that you are able to search for items in the catalogue. 3. Drag and drop your item into your reading list. 4. You can add tags to the citations. These tags will communicate a message to either the student or library. Click on and then on to select you message.

Adding Citations from Library Catalogue (Part 1)

1. Drag and drop the 'Cite it!' tool when using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. For instructions using Microsoft Edge, click here. The 'Cite it' tool can be found in the drop-down menu when you click on your initials located in the upper right corner.2. Go to the website for item that you want added into your reading list. Click on the 'Cite It' button.3. A pop-up menu will appear. The tool will automatically add the title information. You can then choose the list and the section and click 'add'. 4. Both the citation information and link will appear in your list.

Adding Citations from the Internet (Part 2)

Library Review

Send for Library Review

After you have added all your citations in your list, you are ready to send the list to the library. You can do this by clicking on the button.


1. Click on button. This will change the reading list status to 'Published' which will allow the students to see the list.2. A pop-up menu will appear to give several options as to who can see the list.

Publish the List for Students


For details on all these steps, and more advanced options, move on through the guide.

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