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How to keep your books safe

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Staying safe in the Ashley Library


Fun stuff the Ashley Library does

Ask the Librarian

How to use MackinVia

How to turn your books back in

How to check out books from the Ashley Library

Where to find books to read online

How to search for books to read

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Meet the Librarian


I was born and raised in Nacogdoches, TexasI have a Masters Degree in Library and Information ScienceThis is my 8th year teaching in Frisco (high school english, then library!)I am a hard core Harry Potter fan - Hufflepuff for life!I have been married for 8 years and we have one Puggle named Max

About Me


Animal: HippopotomusColor: Navy BlueBook: The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinleySport: Ballet

Mrs. Whittaker

Meet the Librarian

Click on the icons for a tour of the library! *The Caution tape was for a fun Mystery lesson*

Take a Look Around

Look for the book's address(Librarians use the name - Call Number)

Type in the search bar-Author-Title-Subject

Go to the Library Catalog




How to Search for Books

How many books can I take?

The words "check out" mean to take your book home with you!You can take home books from the library for 2 Weeks!After 2 weeks, the books are late (also called Overdue)Emails will go home to remind you to bring your books back

How to Check Books Out!

Press the 'Escape' button

Make sure ALL your books are scanned

Scan the barcode on the back of the book

Scan your ID card or type in your ID number

The words "check in" mean to bring your books back to the Library!After you are done reading ALL your books - bring them back!If you have a problem with a book, just talk to Mrs. Whittaker!

How to Turn Your Books Back in!

Place your books on the cart

Make sure ALL your books are scanned

Scan the barcode on the back of the book

Go to the Check In Computer

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How to Use MackinVia

Get help from Mrs. Whittaker any time! Her job is to help you when you need it. - How to log in to things- Help finding books to read- Help finding good information for your projects- How to use the internet the best (and safest) way


  • Book Fair
  • Book Clubs (Virtual ones too!)
  • Maker Lab
  • Ashley Reads Week
  • Library Crew
  • Author Visits

Fun Stuff the Ashley Library does!


Here at Ashley, we are a family!One of our biggest jobs is to keep each other safe.Take a look at the ways you can keep your friends and teachers here at Ashley safe!

Staying Safe in the Ashley Library

Give each other space

Sanitize your hands and keep them off of your face

Use kind language

Follow all directions the first time

Know where they are

  • Put them in a special place
  • Bring them back on time

Keep away from-

  • Pets
  • Food
  • Drinks

Protect their Pages!

  • Use a bookmark
  • Turn the page from the corner




How to Keep Your Books Safe


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