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Creative prompt ex. “Write a digital story about the day you woke up in a different universe” To explore a class book ex. “Write a digital diary based on the last chapter of Esperanza Rising from the perspective of Esperanza or another member of her family”



I’ve been surprised by the uses I’ve been able to find for digital storytelling when teaching math. Students have written stories from the perspective of “an odd number” and gone on to explain what happened when they held hands with different kinds of numbers. Digital storytelling can be a great medium for getting students to really understand patterns or difficult concepts.


Students can review the water cycle from the perspective of a water droplet, the inner workings of a cell from the perspective of the nucleus and just about any other cycle or multi-part element you can think of.

Social Studies

Have students choose a historical figure from their current unit (they can be real people like Cleopatra from Ancient Egypt or imagined characters like a US spy in Germany during World War II) and create a story where they talk about the development of an event you’ve studied from that character’s perspective.