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The most typical meals in Slovakia


A guide for a foreigner

What to order in a Slovak restaurant

Slovak cuisine is unique. True Slovak food and recipes are really only available in Slovakia itself, all other versions are not really authentic.Slovak cuisine was greatly influenced by the food of two neighbouring countries - Hungary and Austria and to add to the spice of life, the dishes vary from one region to the next.

The Slovak dishes use items such as pork, poultry, cabbage, wheat and potato flour, cheese from cows and sheep, potatoes, onions and garlic. Although rice does not grow in Slovakia, it is widely-used and incorporated in Slovakian homes and restaurants. Beans, corn on the cob, lentils, parsley, carrots and other vegetables are often used to create soup dishes and other dishes in all Slovakia. Fruit like apples, plums, apricots, peaches, plums and cherries are offered as a side dish alongside the main meal in Slovakia.

Bryndzové halušky Halusky, our traditional meal, are either a „love or hate“ thing for people. The dish has a very specific taste because of the sheep cheese which has quite a strong flavor and smell.

Visiting Slovakia in autumn and not experiencing a traditional goose dinner is like not being here at all.The roasted goose meat goes hand in hand with the wine festivals (vinobranie) that are associated with the period between harvesting the fields and autumn planting.

Slovakia is with no doubt a country of soups. We just love eating them! Each regular lunch menu consists of a soup and a main dish and we often replace our dinner dish with a bowl of a nice soup, too. This is because most of our soups are quite heavy and rich and perfect especially during cold winters. Garlic soup is one of our favourite soups.

CABBAGE SOUP For sure one of the most traditional soups, also served on Christmas Eve. It usually contains fermented sour cabbage, smoked meat, sausage, forest mushrooms and sour cream. It has various versions and some contain even apples or dried plums!

CHICKEN BROTH A traditional Sunday soup in many Slovak families, proper help when being sick or in bed with a hangover :D The proper way how to cook it takes several hours, using chicken meat, carrots, parsley and onions and served with thin noodles.

A popular apple-cherry-poppy seed strudel was not missing as a perfect finish of a lovely evening.

Among other traditional Slovak meals offered are bryndzové pirohy (dumplings filled with bryndza), placky (pancakes), strapačky (potato dumplings with stewed sauerkraut) and parené buchty (large steamed dumplings with various fillings).Based on the survey, 10 percent of restaurants prepare meals from Czech cuisine. Other popular cuisines are those of Hungary, Poland and the Balkans. Italian cuisine is also popular in Slovakia.“Pizza reigns, as it is offered by one fifth of Slovak restaurants, regardless of their focus,”

When you come, you can try these meals on your own...You are welcome!