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Congratulations! You've just won a trip to Australia.

Watch the video you have just received.


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Take the quiz to see how much you know about Australia!


Look at the map of Australia.

Cuddling koalas

Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Seeing kangaroos everywhere

Sunbathing on white sand beaches

This is what you imagine, right?

You've just been selected to participate in a TV show: a survival camp into the wild. Lucky you!

Get ready for the adventure!If this activity is too difficult for you, go to the next page 😉

Get ready for the adventure!This activity is easier than the first one😉

Get ready for the adventure!Now, boost your vocabulary! - Part 1

Get ready for the adventure!Now, boost your vocabulary! - Part 2

Now that your backpack is ready, let's embark on this great adventure

Don't forget to choose 5 items from the list to finish packing all your stuff.Write them down on a worksheet.


During the flight take some time to learn more about your destination.

Retrouve les adjectifs qui renvoient à des records détenus par l'Australie.

Le superlatif

Let's learn more about Australia!

Let's learn more about Australia!

Where has Georgia been? Click on the places she has already visited.

Comment se construit-il?Quand l'emploie-t-on ?A quels indices le reconnait-on ?Regarde la vidéo pour le découvrir.Puis complète les 2 fiches interactives pour fixer / approfondir tes connaissances.

Le Present perfect

Le Present perfect

Le Present perfect et les adverbes

Now, boost your grammar!

Boost your grammar!

Boost your grammar!


It's a small island.

It's near the Great Barrier Reef and south of the Solomon Islands.

It's in the Pacific Ocean.

It's in the northeastern part of the country.

Read the information and locate the spot on the map. Then click on it.

It's time to discover your final destination

Do you know the name of the musical instrument that we hear at the beginning of the song?

Let's meet the other contestants ...

Now that you know your destination, let the show begin!

Remember: you were given the opportunity to bring five items on the island while preparing your backpack. It's time they serve you. Each member of both team has to check if the chosen items are useful or not. Watch the following video and sum up your points. The team with the most points will get a survival training with a great expert ...

Reward challenge

  • Between 25 and 18
  • Between 17 and 10
  • Between 9 and 5

How many points do you give your team ?

Congratulations! You chose the right items. So did the other members of your team.You have just won the Reward challenge. It's time to meet Bear Grylls, a survival expert.

You could have chosen better items but luckily the other members of you team made great choices. Congratulations! You have just won the Reward challenge. It's time for your team to meet Bear Grylls, a survival expert.

Seriously ?You could have chosen better items. You don't seem well prepared for this adventure. But luckily the other members of you team made great choices. Congratulations! You have just won the Reward challenge. It's time for your team to meet Bear Grylls, a survival expert.

Edward Michael Grylls was born on June 7, 1974 in London. His sister Lara nicknamed him Bear soon after his birth. At the age of 8 he joined the Cub Scouts and has remained involved ever since. He has always been interested in adventure sports, such as mountaineering, sailing, and sky diving. He was trained in these sports by his father. He was educated at Eton College and helped start its mountaineering club.

Bear Grylls is a British adventurer, traveller, explorer, survival trainer, writer and television presenter. He has been to many countries in the world, has travelled to Antarctica, has crossed the Atlantic Ocean, has climbed numerous mountains including Mount Everest, has trained as a Karate Grand Master in Japan, has set various Guinness World records, has survived in the most inhospitable places and has written many books. He is definitely no ordinary man...

The real survivoR

BEar Grylls

In 1998, at the age of 23, he became one of the youngest climbers ever to conquer Mount Everest. Just 18 months before he had been severely injured in a parachuting accident that had left him almost paralysed. After that, in 2000, he published his first book ‘The Kid Who Climbed Everest’. After his trip to the Himalayas, he joined the 21 SAS (Special Air Service) Regiment. He worked there for 3 years as a a combat survival instructor. He also wanted to join the MI5 but he needed a University degree to do so. He then started Hispanic studies and graduated from Birkbeck, University of London, in 2002. He set an expedition and led a team to para-motor over Angel Falls (the highest waterfall in the world) in 2005. In 2006 he hosted a series titled Man vs. Wild. The series featured him dropped into inhospitable places and showing viewers how to survive. In 2008, Bear and a team of four travelled to Antarctica to climb one of the World’s most remote unconquered peaks. He suffered a broken shoulder while using a jet-ski and had to be evacuated.

In 2015, Bear went on an adventure into the Alaskan Wilderness with the then US President Barack Obama.In 2019 he was appointed as ‘Officer of the British Empire” by the Queen of England. Bear has been married to Shara since 2000 and they have three sons: Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry. They live on a houseboat on the River Thames (London). He has written numerous books including biographies, survival guides, a children’s adventure fiction and a healthy-eating recipe book.

Check your comprehension

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Around the campfire at night, the contestants spoke about what inspired them to become adventurers.

Let's discover the story behind Nick's desire to audition for Survivor!

On a desert island

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Now, boost your vocabulary!

Le present perfect avec For & Since

Now, boost your grammar!

Around the campfire at night, the contestants spoke about what inspired them to become adventurers.

Now, let's discover the famous woman who incited Lydia to always push her limits!

Le superlatif & le present perfect

Now, boost your grammar!

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