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Welcome to London! I'm waiting for you in my Palace.

Thank you for your visit. I really appreciate. Good bye.

Hello young pupil. I'm a famous detective and my assistant is sick. Can you help me? I'm waiting for you at my house...

Let's go to this monument where you can see the Queen's crowns and jewels

Oh! From here, I can see a beautiful bridge. Let's go!

Look at these towers! Wow...

Can you see my statue? Use your worksheet.

Oh no!! My watch is broken. Find a famous clock on the map to help me...

Come with me! Let's cross the Thames and get on this big wheel. Use your worksheet.

It's time for shopping. Let's go to Harrods! Use your worksheet

Join us for a visit of this fantastic museum, it's right behind Harrods!

Do you like animals? Yes? So let's visit this famous place!

What a long visit! I'm exhausted... Let's finish our visit ...on a boat