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second year pupils


Lesson 23

The imporatance of libraries

2-watch the video and find out what the 2 men are saying. Do you share their opinions?

3- How often do you go to the library?The chart on the right may help you.

1- Have a look at the pictures and match them with the right words.


By Honorable Lois E. Hole

1- Read the text and answer the questions.

1 Librarians, and the people who support libraries make use of the library's wonders. They are, according to me, the heroes of civilization. These people, in their quiet way, have maintained one of civilization's great traditions: the gathering of the human life experience. In this way, libraries have been and shall always be the engines of civilization's progress. 2 In fact, without libraries, such progress would be impossible, especially in our modern era. These days, we all depend upon libraries. We can explore the thoughts and actions of others. And that gives us a remarkable power to change and grow and do things better. 3 Good films or television programs have their place, but when you really need to understand a question in depth, you've got to turn to books. And because books are so expensive these days, libraries have become very important to ensure that reading doesn't become a hobby for the rich. 4 Books are the lifeblood of the library because they enlighten our world, and encourage the expansion of culture. With these words in mind, I think we owe it to ourselves and to future generations to serve others by keeping learning and literacy alive. The future of the country absolutely depends on a literate population, and reaching that goal involves strong support of our public schools, universities, and public libraries. 5 If I could give young people a valuable gift, it would be a good education, an education rich in literature, science, mathematics, history, crafts, sport, and the fine arts. It would be an education with no shortage of excellent teachers and a full supply of the world's best books. I do strongly believe that “the more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the smarter you grow….” So, let’s pay tribute to our teachers and take good care of our libraries.


Pay tribute





4- Write the words / expressions from the list below under the suitable flash card.


3- Go back to the text read it carefully and match the paragraphs with the suitable titles.

The text is mainly

2- Click the correct answer.





Parallel structure= (the more) ... (the more)

parallel increase

The (many) books you read, the (many) ideas you have.

b- Put the words in brackets in the comparative form:

3- A comparative of equality

2- Two comprative froms

1- Two superlative froms

a- What structure is repeated in the above sentence? Chose the correct option:

"The more you read the more you know..."

5- Read paragraph 5 and find out the detail that show the benefits of reading more and more books.


These hints may help you

Libraries are useless:- Internet is faster and easier.- Save time and energy.- Reading doesn't mean success.All depends on libraries:- Reading a to learn from others.- Knowledge is everyone (rich/poor)- "Don't give me a fish, teach me how to fish."

Today the majority of students who have access to new technologies and the Internet think that libraries are useless. Yet, others say that "all depends on libraries". Which opinion do you share? And why?


To match the sentences use the mouse to drag and drop the paragraph numbers in the right box.


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