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Murder Party

Find who the killer is


Hello detective, My name is Sherlock Holmes and I need your help to solve a case that I am working on. Please come meet me at my house and let's solve the case!!! Click on the Underground sign.

Hello detective, I just received a call from the London Police. A man was found dead in a hotel near Notting Hill. They have four suspects, we need to go to the hotel and interrogate the suspects and find who the killer is. Let's go!!

Hello detectives, I have just finished my examination. The results are: - The man was stabbed. - Time of death: 6:20pm You can examine the body by just clicking on it. Good luck!!


Hotel room

Case solved?

Hello, My name is Mary Addams. I am not the killer because I was buying a train ticket to go back home at St Pancras station when the murder took place.

Hello, My name is Jane O'Connell. I am not the killer because I was shopping in Piccadilly Circus. I bought one teddy bear for my niece who lives in Bristol. She has never been in London.

Hello, My name is Mike Long. I am not the killer because I was taking a picture of Big Ben. This monument is so majestic!!! I love it very much!!

Hello, My name is Dan Smith. I am not the killer because I was sightseeing when the murder happened. I was visiting St Paul's Cathedral.

Hotel room

Hello detectives, Yes, I was near Big Ben around 6:20pm but I can't remember seeing M. Long. Big Ben is under construction* nowadays so you can't really see it. A lot of tourists are disappointed because they can't take pictures of it. (*en travaux)

Hotel room

Hello detectives, Yes I remember seeing M. Smith. He came to visit the cathedral around 6:15pm. I remember him because I told him that the cathedral was closing at 6:30pm and he stayed until the cathedral closed.

Hotel room

Hello detectives, Miss Addams bought a train ticket here today to go to Manchester. She was here around 6:19pm. Do you want to see the receipt*? (*receipt: ticket de caisse)

Hotel room

Hello detectives, Yes I remember Miss O'Connell. She was in the shop around 6:20pm. She bought a teddy bear. She told me it was for her niece. She was such a lovely lady.


I told you I am not the murderer.

I told you I am not the killer!!!

Yes, I lied. I am the killer. Why did I kill him? I killed him because he was going to buy my company and he was going to fire* me. (* fire me : me virer)

I told you I am not the killer.