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Egyptian culture

It originated along the Nile River and reached three eras in periods called the Old Empire, the Middle Empire, and the New Empire. The Egyptian civilization developed over more than 3,500 years. Their cultural identity began to fade after the conquests of the kings of Babylon (sixth century BC.) And Macedonia (IV century BC.).

Ancient egypt

Dark eyeliner was the invention of ancient Egypt and is dated to about three millenniums B.C. and was known as kohl. The dark eyeliner was a display of royalty in the country’s ancient culture. It was first created using a mineral named stibnite, which is thought to have been used to ease eye damage from the sun due to the intense desert conditions.

Giving money to the poor is a very important part of Egypt’s culture and the history of good deed goes back into the ancient days of the pharaohs. fortunate than them. Even though Egypt is heavily rooted with Islam, it’s important to understand that giving and helping has been beautifully a part of the ancient culture since it rose to civilization. Today, it still gives Egyptians great pleasure to please their gods which leads us to the next ancient tradition.

The all Seeing Eye in the Lord of the Rings is believed to be based on the ancient Egyptian symbol that is known as the evil eye. The ancient symbol itself, however, isn’t actually as scary as it is depicted in the books and in the movies. The symbol was originally a sign that promised good health before it was eventually altered by the modern citizens of the country as protection from evil.


Giving money to the poor

The eye of horus

The other values ​​were expressed with the repetition of the symbol

He ancient Egyptian language write out numerals as words phonetically,The following hieroglyphic signs were used to represent the different powers of ten in writing from left to right.


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Roman culture

- had great military power.- were polytheists, years l later they adopted the Christian religion.- Society was divided between patricians, commoners and slaves.- The economy was based on agriculture, livestock and trade.- They were slavers.

It's located in the south of Europe, in the Mediterranean Sea. The peninsula is shaped like a boot



The Roman numerals I, X, C and M can be repeated up to three times when writing a compound Roman numeral. The Roman numerals V, L and D can never be repeated. If a compound Roman numeral has a number on the right less than the one on the left then both are added. Example: XI: the number on the right (I = 1) is smaller than the one on the left (X = 10) so they add up, that is XI = 11 If a compound Roman numeral has a number on the right greater than that on the left and this is an I, X or C, then the one on the left is subtracted from the right. Example: IX: the number on the right (X = 10) is greater than the one on the left (I = 1) and in addition this is I then the one on the left is subtracted from the one on the right, that is IX = 9 If a Roman number has a line on it, then its value is multiplied by a thousand. Example: IX: the number is 9,000 since it is the Roman number that represents 9 and being with the line on it multiplies by a thousand.

The civilization derived from an important exchange between different cultures such as the Greek and those developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt. It began to develop during the 8th century BC,


The Romans made extensive use of aqueducts, dams, bridges, and amphitheatres. They were also responsible for many innovations to roads, sanitation, and construction in general. Roman architecture, in general, was greatly influenced by the Greeks and EtruscansRoadsThe Romans primarily built roads for their military. Their economic importance was probably also significant, although wagon traffic was often banned from the roads to preserve their military value. In total, more than 400,000 kilometres of roads were constructed, 80,500 kilometres of which were stone-paved.

The high level that developed this civilization and the breadth of knowledge that they mastered is enormously significant. Tradition reflects that the wise men of ancient Greece had gone to learn to Egypt, where there was a venerable science and a high level of scientific knowledge, although sometimes mixed with magical practices.

What did the Romans do for science and technology?

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