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Populated since the beginning of the III millennium a. C. by Canaanite semitas, the historical Phenicia extended over a narrow coastal strip of 40 km, from Mount Carmel to Ugarit.


The Phoenician culture is an ancient civilization that did not leave firm physical traces of its existence.


  • Agriculture and logging
  • Phoenician wine
  • Industry
  • Commerce and navigation


Its geographical place in history is the current Lebanese Republic


The Phoenician people contributed to create an important link between Mediterranean civilizations and even more among the artistic forms of the ancient world, by imitation, fusion and diffusion of them, although it is not considered as the original creator of a great own culture.The Phoenicians used a phonetic alphabet, which the Greeks adapted to their own language and, over time, served as a model for later Western alphabets.


Phoetician art is the historiography denomination of the art of the phoetician civilitation .This art extends since the X b.C century, until the VI b.C.The artistic production was handmade. In their sculutures, ceramics, jewels and metal objects the Egipcian art predominates with some Assyrian elements.In Spain the Phoetician art got mixed up with the Indigenan people, specially with the Tartessos.The form of Phoetician architecture infer by the drawings of the seals and another reliefUnder the name of Phoetician scultures have been understood numerous and very varied statues of the Phoetician, LIbian, Sardinian, Tyrrhenians, Pelasgos, Hittites an Cypriots that are presented with some archaic rigidity and lack of naturalness and that offer visible Assyrian, Egyptian and even Greek reminiscences depending on the times and countries




IThe letters of the alfabetic phoenician could be used as numerals althought there is only evidence of this use in orther to indicate the figures from 1 to 10 in Alexandrian coins of Sidon


It consist in differentiated symbols for the values of 1,2,3,10,20 and 100. THe sign of the 1 was a simple trace, the rest of numbers until 9 they were formed throught combinations of the sum of the first 3 values, the 10 symbol was an horizontal line, while the 20 symbol can be appeared with different variants where was a type of Z or the combination of the 10 symbols . Cuantities higher grouping the cuantitie correspondent of symbols of 10 and 20. There was various variants about the symbol of 100 and this can be combinated with the number procedent with value multiplicatory

1-Ofelia read 13 pages of her book. If yesterday read 28 pages. How many pages has she read in total?2- If a football match has 90 minutes, If they are missing 19 minutes for the end. How many minutes have been played?3-If I have 50 euros, and I buy a jacket for 30 euros and a comic for 10 euros. How much money I have spent in total? How much money I have left?