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Participants schools from Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Slovenia.

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10. Osnovna šola Simona Gregorčiča Kobarid

11. Are you ready to help others?

08. Antoni Brusi School

09. Ceip José María de Lapuerta

07. ICS "G. Verdi - P. Cafaro"

06. 3rd Primary school of Thessaloniki

05. Ceip La Gaviota

04. Ceip Ntra Sra de los Ángeles

03. Mehmet Akif Ersoy Ilkokulu

02. Ceip Carlos Ruiz

01. Ceip La Villarina


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Ceip La VillarinaZamora (Spain)


Our playground is wonderful but it is in poor condition as can be seen in the picture. Some renovations and repairs are required as soon as possible.The pavement is uneven and unsafe for children and our precious garden needs some mantenance and a fence urgently. For these reasons we have asked for an interview with the local Council to explain them the situation and ask them for solutions to our problem. Do you have any suggestions for us to improve our playground?

Concepción Ramos García, Carmen María Hernández Charro and Carmen Martínez

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This is our sad playground... Could you help us make it a better place to play? Thanks!!

Andrés Sigüenza Valle

Ceip Carlos RuízNavalcarnero (Spain)


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Mehmet Akif Ersoy Ilkokulu Pursaklar (Turkey)


What do you think we should do to create a playground in this part of our garden? Thanks!!!

Secondly, our school's garden looks like this.

Leyla Küçükçoban, Seda IŞIK NURANİ, Eda Hasanoglu and Zeynep Arslan

Our school opened in October. A new school. We have two offers. First, we want to save this area outside our school from construction waste and turn it into a living space. What do you offer us?

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Ceip Nuestra Señora de los ÁngelesRincón de Seca, Murcia (Spain)


In our school, we have the space for an orchard, but in a very bad situation... The other day we were there, we measured, sized it and we tried to improve the ground... but we don't know how to do it. Can you help us?

Sara Fernandez Santos

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My playground is very dirty with a lot of leaves on the floor. Can you help us?

Ceip La GaviotaTorrejón de Ardoz (Spain)


Tatiana Polo and Raul Cañamero

This is our playground. At breaks students use bins but it seems that it is not enough. Do you know what can we do in order to have our playground clean?

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3rd Primary school of ThessalonikiThessaloniki (Greece)


We urgently need your help! What shall we do with these od tyres and ugly corners in our schoolyard?

Stavroula Axamidou

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ICS "G. Verdi - P. Cafaro"Andria (Italy)



Our superpowered students have taken some photos in different areas of our town. We have prepared a padlet with photos and ideas about environment.We need a help to make people aware of the importance of respecting and emproving our town.

Ángela Fusiello and Lia Cammarino

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Antoni Brusi SchoolBarcelona (Spain)


Sometimes recycling it's difficult...

Mari Luz Castellano y Javier Morales

The weather sometimes helps with the playground decoration

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Ceip José María de LapuertaCartagena, Murcia (Spain)

We need the help of some authentic superhEUroes. Can you please help us?

It is the playground for year 1, year 2 and year 3. How can improve it?

Antonio López Delgado and Lucía Gutierrez

Last week my students searched for some spaces of the school that need some improvements: This is the surrounders of our dining room and our playground. It used to be a garden.

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4th grade searched for some spaces of the school that they need some improvements: this is a tunel that takes students to the sports pavilion.It is old and the paint is falling down. How can we improve it?

Aurora Calvet

Osnovna šola Simona Gregorčiča Kobarid (Slovenia)


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You can record a video, draw a picture, make a text... whatever fits you!

In this page you will have two assigned assigned and you will have to add some proposals to your assigned schools.

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