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Improve writing skills.Enhance performance both in the mother tongue and the second language.Familiarise students with different text types.Motivation of students with learning difficulties by setting positive expectations on them.Prevent poor attendance levels

Our Goals:

how? by working together!

  • think-pair-share
  • round robin
  • pens in the middle
  • jigsaw puzzle
  • simultaneous round table
  • rally table

techniques we used

4th year students write about current news from a local to a national level from their own perspective, learning the structure, type of language and stylistic conventions of the journalistic style

cooperative class magazine





"Poetry is when an emotion found its thought and the thought found words" Robert Frost


Ordinary life has its simple kind of beauty. 4th year students practise their creative writing skills by writing poems on everyday objects

Remedial education students, with a gap in their acquisition of the Maths and Spanish curriculum of about two years, learn how to use the narrative conventions on an elementary level (punctuation, capitalization, paragraph structure, adequate use of verb tenses , subject-verb agreement)

Romance, thriller, traditions.......

short story: Amor Caló (Gypsy Love)

things are better when shared...thanks for letting us learn from you!