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Jez Alborough

Eddy’s off to find her teddy. Eddy’s teddy’s name is Freddy.

She lost him in the wood somewhere. It’s dark and horrible in there.

“Help!” said Eddy. “I’m scared already! I want my bed! I want my teddy!”

She tip-toed on and on until …something made her stop quite still.Look out! she thought. There’s something there!WHAT’S THAT?


“Is it Freddy?” said Eddy. “What a surprise!How did you get to be this size?”

“You're too big to huddle and cuddle,” she said. “I'll never fit both of us into my bed.”

Then out of the darkness, clearer and clearer, the sound of a sobbing came nearer and nearer.

Soon the whole wood could hear the voice bawl“How did you get to be tiddly and small?You look too small to huddle and cuddle,” it said,“and you'll get lost in my giant sized bed!”

It was a gigantic bear and a tiddly teddy stomping towards the giant teddy and Eddy.

“MY TED!” gasped the bear.“A BEAR!” screamed Eddy.

“A GIRL!” yelled the bear. “MY TEDDY!” cried Eddy.

Then they ran and they ran through the dark wood back to their homes as quick as they could...

All the way back to their snuggly beds,

where they huddled and cuddled their own little teds.