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Introducing the characters and the setting



Wave by Suzy Lee

FOLLOW UPLaboratory

Follow the wave

Before storytelling

Chiara the narrator, gave children a blue blanket which represented the sea. Children, in circle, hold the ends of the blanket. The narrator guided children through her voice giving them instructions on how to wave and shake the blanket to reproduce the movements of the waves in the sea.

The narrator decided to give voice also to the seagulls that are jumping around the girl in the story. These seagulls simply repeated some key sentences or sequences of the story to underline them and give them more relevance (i.e. The waves are crashing on the sand. Crashing on the sand! Crashing on the sand!).

Shells or sand are natural materials that can be easily found and which can be used to create sand portraits, center pieces, frames, pendants and more and more. But if the storyteller decides to focus on the Wave, as one of the protagonists of the story, below there are some pictures of an activity children did at the library during the workshop Let’s Wave at the end of one of the storytelling session of Let’s Tell a Tale.