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New Zealand




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Objectives:Cultural: New Zealand, Survivor, Bear Grylls, Hunger Games, Cast AwayGrammatical: Simple present, would, superlativeLexical: Survival, introducing oneself, adjectives of personnality.Phonological: The sounds of the vowel a

Survivor is looking for new adventurers. You decide to send your video!

Mission I

2. Summarize the pieces of information in one paragraph in your notebook. 3. Training: What do I know about NZ

1. Webquest

Objectives:Cultural: New ZealandGrammatical: Simple present

I can talk about New Zealand (history and traditions.)I can identify the main pieces of information (A2)

1st Stop


1. Go to the green sleeve and give an identity card to each person in your group.2. Introduce yourself to your group. Everyone must write the pieces of information about your competitor.3. the video. Go to the pink sleeve and take the sheet. Complete the sheet with the adjectives from the video.

Objectives:Cultural: SurvivorGrammatical: Simple presentLexical: Introducing myself, survival skills

I can introduce myself to others. (A2)

2nd Stop

1. Read the text.2. Do this activity. 3. What would you bring with you on a deserted Island and why? (5 items). Write it in your notebook. 4. Go to the padlet and write your paragraph.

Objectives:Grammatical: WouldLexical: Survival (objects)

I can understand the main elements of a text (A2) . I can write a short paragraph using the same structure. (Would) (A2 / B1)

3rd Stop



1. the extracts from Hunger Games and write about what you would need to be good at and/or what would you need to know. Example: I would need to know how to build a shelter. 2. the extract from Cast Away. Go to the turquoise folder and do the activity. Write the sentences in the padlet.

Objectives:Cultural: Hunger Games, Cast AwayGrammatical: Would, Good at / Know how toLexical: Survival (objects and skills), good at / know how to

I can describe what I can see and if I don't know a word I can find it myself on a website like wordreference.com. I can use would in conditionals.

4th Stop

1. Choose between: the mountains, the forest or the desert. 2. Answer these questions: a. What would you bring and why? b. What would you need to know? What would you need to be good at?3. Record yourself4. Create a quiz entitled "Would you survive in the wild?"

Objectives:Grammatical: WouldLexical: Survival (objects and skills), good at / know how to

I can use the vocabulary about survival to write sentences.I can write a short paragraph about familiar subjects (B1)

5th Stop: Mini Mission

2. In pairs, film yourself and answer the same questions! (Ask for the teacher's ipad) a. Who are you? b. What are you biggest fears? c. What are you going to miss the most?3. Card game: Play with the Superlative form!

1. Watch the videos and take notes.

Objectives:Cultural: SurvivorGrammatical: simple present, superlativeLexical: Survival, introducing oneself

I can understand the main elements of a video of people introducing themselves (A2 / B1)I can tell someone about me and my environment (A2)

7th Stop

2. Go to bonuses and do what you want.


A2 / B1

1. Choose and watch a video and take notes.

Objectives:Cultural: SurvivorGrammatical: simple presentLexical: Survival, introducing oneself

I can understand the main elements of a video about someone who is introducing oneself. (A2 / B1) I understand what I must do for the final mission.

8th Stop

SuperlativeLexicalAdjectivesSurviving (Actions)Surviving (Objects)Good at + ing / know how to

Cultural:New ZealandGrammatical:Simple Present Would



Homework: I can use good at + V-ing and know how to to create sentences. Class Session 5: Mini MissionClass Session 6: Bear Grylls: The bravest man?Homework: I can use the superlative, good at and know how to describe my skills/talents.Class Session 7: Meeting real candidates!Homework: I can answer the three questions naturallyClass Session 8: Preparing the Final Projet 1Homework: I create the of my plan. Class Session 9: Preparing the final projetClass Session 10: Chapter Test + oral comprehension

Class Session 1: Discovering New Zealand. Homework: Know at least 5 things about NZ.Class Session 2: Introducing myself to others.Homework: Learn the adjectives. Class Session 3: What would you bring on a deserted island?Homework: I can answer the question: What would you bring with you on a deserted island and why?Class Session 4: Survival movies and the art of surviving.




La Grammaire en CapsuleLe présent simpleLe superlatifMéthodologie Résumer un document textuel Comprendre un document vidéo

How can I help?

Help Box

What is a Gap year and why is it a great adventure?You can use this text . A useful website:

Bonus (B1) - Presentation




Create your own Ta Moko (Maori tattoo).

Bonus (A2)

Discover New Zealand best attractions. Then, on a sheet of paper, create a short presentation on your favorite attractions.To the Mordor! and write asummary.

Your teacher's favourites

Top 10 Survival Books

1. Into the Wild2. Hunger Games3. Life of Pi4. The Martian5. Lord of the Flies6. The Call of the Wild7. Robinson Crusoe8. Treasure Island9. I am Legend10. The Revenant

Top 10 Survival Movies

1. Into the Wild2. Cast Away3. Life of Pi4. The Martian5. Captain Philips6. 127 hours7. Gravity8. Tracks9. Dans les forêts de Sibérie10. Wild

Mission I:Accomplished!



1. the text twice.2. the video3. Answer this question using the documents: Is Bear Grylls an adventurer? (discuss)4. In pairs, write your answer on the padlet

Objectives:Cultural: Bear GryllsGrammatical: SuperlativeLexical: Survival (objects and skills), good at / know how to

I can identify people and actions. I know how to summarize and give a report from a text or a video.

6th Stop