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Idea original: @MrCuarter


Almudena Grandes

Victoria Kent

Amelia Earhart

Carolina Marin

Margarita Salas

Chimanda Ngozi

Clara Campoamor

Rosalía Mera

Maruja Mallo

Serena Williams

Maria Moliner

Eva Perón

Marie Curie

Emma Watson

Coco Chanel

Paula Bonet

Simone de Beauvoir

Frida Kahlo

Marielle Franco

Katherine Hepburn

Lydia Valentin

Malala Yousafzai

Concepción Arenal

Nombre y apellido

Nombre y apellido

Gloria Fuertes

  • Actress
  • Scientist.
  • Activist
  • Writer
  • Painter
  • Sportwoman
  • Politician
  • Lawyer
  • Designer

Original idea : Ana from Lápiz de ELE

Translated into English by @belenjunquera


28/7/1917-27/11/1998 Madrid (Spain) Writer and poet. She wrote her first book when she was five. The first time she attended to University was to teach. She donated almost all her possesions to a children’s institution.

31/1/1820-4/2/1893 – Ferrol (Spain) Law graduate, journalist and writer. She worked as a prison visitor. Dressed as a man, she went to political talks and to the University. When they discover her identity, she wrote the test and passed. She said: “Open schools and prisons will be closed”

12/7/1997- Mingora (Pakistan) Activist and blogger who wrote under a pen name. The youngest winner of a Nobel prize. She fights for the girls’ right to Education She said: “The best way to fight terrorism is very simple: educate the next generation”

10/2/1985 – Ponferrada (Spain) Sportswoman. The only woman who is 4 times European champion in a discipline that is dominated by men. She has 3 Olympic medals. She won one of them 10 years after her first one. She said: “Follow your dreams, they know the way”

12/5/1907-29/6/03 - Connecticut (USA) The only person to win 4 Oscars. First woman to wear trousers in the movies. She worked for 66 years. She said: “If you always do what you are interested in, there will be at least a pleased person”

27/7/1979-14/3/2018 Río de Janeiro (Brazil) Sociologist and politician. She fought for the rights of the favelas women. She said: “When a woman dies in fight, we all die a little with her”. She was killed after a meeting with young people.

6/7/1907-13/7/1954- Coyocan (México) Painter. She loved sports but she had a very serious accident and from then on, she painted from her bed. She wore unisex clothes when no one did.?? She said: “Love yourself first, and then love whoever you want”

9/1/1908-14/4/1986 Paris (France) Philosopher, writer and teacher She was born a member of the bourgeoisie but she rebelled against her family. Two publishers refused her first novel and years later she sold millions of books. She said: “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”

12/10/80 – Villareal (Spain) Illustrator, painter and writer. When she was 25, she got a grant to study in the USA. 3000 copies of a poster she designed for the streets had to be printed because people took them to their houses. She said: “Sadness is necessary. We need pain to grow”

19/8/1883-10/1/1971 Saumur (France) Entrepreneur and designer. She opted for short hair, flat shoes and trousers when no woman wore them. She said: “Beauty begins the moment you are yourself”

15/4/1990 – Paris (France) Actress, model, philanthropist and UN ambassador Famous since she was 10 years old. Founded a feminist campaign to integrate men. She said: “Feminism doesn’t mean to hate men”

7/11/1867- 4/7/1934 Warsaw (Poland) Scientist. She discovered two new elements. First woman teacher at the Paris University. First one who won two Nobel Prize in two different disciplines. She said: “The best life is not the longest but the richest in good actions.

7/5/1919 – 26/7/1952 Argentina Actress and politician She succeeded in legalize the female vote in her country. She founded her own political party. She said: “Where a need exists, a right is born”

30/3/1900-22/1/1981 – Zaragoza (Spain) Librarian and lexicographer. When she was 15, she taught private lessons (Latin, Maths and History) to help her family. It took her 15 years to wrote a Spanish dictionary, to improve the official one, in her kitchen.

26/9/1981 – Michigan (USA) Sportswoman and UNICEF ambassador. She won more than 40 tournaments and 3 Olympic medals. She also studied fashion design and she designs her own clothes. She said: “A champion is defined not by their wins but how they can recover when they fall”

5/1/1902 – 6/2/1995 Lugo (Spain) Painter, illustrator and teacher. She was the only girl who passed the test to study at the Spanish Arts Institute where she met Dali One day, she took off her hat in the street while women were supposed to cover their heads.

28/1/1944-15/8/2013 – A Coruña (Spain) Entrepreneur and philanthropist. Seamstress since she was 11. Her small business became a very famous multinational company. After the birth of her sick son, she enrolled in teachers’ college and founded an NGO She invested her money in disease research.

12/2/1888- 30/4/1972- Madrid (Spain) Lawyer, writer and politician. 2nd woman to enter the Spanish Bar Association. She fought for the female right to vote and she won. She said: “Freedom is learned by practising it”

15/9/1977 – Abba (Nigeria) Novelist and playwrighter. She got a grant to study in the USA when she was 19. Her YouTube video: «We, should all be feminist” was so viral that became a book. She said: Teach your daughter to reject likeability”

30/11/1938- Canero (Spain) Biochemist and researcher. 1st woman at the Royal Academy of Sciences in 1988 Her thesis supervisor thought she wasn’t good enough to research. Now she is Honorary Doctorate in 10 universities. She said: “A country without research is a country without development”.

15/6/1993- Huelva (Spain) Sportswoman. The only person in Spain who won 3 world championships in her discipline. First non-Asiatic Olympic champion in her discipline. She said: I can, because I think that I can”.

24/7/1897-2/7/1937 - Kansas (USA) She collected photos of women who stood out mainly in male activities. She was the first one to try to fly around the world. She disappeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. She said: “women must do things as men do”

March 1898 – 26/9/1987 Malaga (Spain) Lawyer, 1st woman to enter the Spanish Bar Association. 1st woman in the world who practiced law in a military court in 1939 where she won the trial. Director of prisons, she built a statue of Concepción Arenal with the metal of chains and shackles.

7/5/1960 - Madrid (Spain) She has more than 15 literary awards. Her novels were translated into 21 different languages and 7 of them were adapted to the cinema. She wrote her first novel in the wee hours and she worked the rest of the day. It was a success and her life changed.