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Livre à utiliser pour accomplir les missions.


Bande-annonce du projet Bonjour ! Bienvenue chez Queen, activité de lecture sous forme de missions interactives. Pour t'aider à lire "Oliver Twist", tu entreras dans cette aventure où deux personnages t'attendent : Queen et Oliver Twist. Pour progresser dans l'aventure, tu effectueras différentes tâches qui te permettront de découvrir des codes ou des passages secrets. Lis attentivement les consignes, clique sur l'ampoule pour découvrir les tâches à accomplir et n'oublie pas de cliquer sur les éléments animés ! Certaines missions te permettront de gagner des badges que tu pourras utiliser en classe. Bonne lecture ! Régine Ballonad-Berthois, professeure d'anglais Regine-Marie.Ballonad@ac-rennes.fr

Get ready for a historical journey.

Click here to create your personal information to start the adventure.

Go to Seesaw to post your information about your new identity. (full name, age, date of birth, place of birth, family)

Hello! My name is Queen Parlow. I am with my friend Oliver. We live in this workhouse!

Please, help us escape this horrible place!

Touch the cat between Oliver and Queen to follow your journey.

Click here to watch and prepare this writing activity at home . Post your questions on Seesaw (vocabulary, grammar, sentences, structures, etc.)

I am hungry. Help me get more food by finding the code for the lock. I will give Oliver some food too.

Dans cette oeuvre, tu découvriras beaucoup de verbes irréguliers au prétérit. Tu devras les apprendre par coeur et t'entraîner seul ou avec des camarades à les reconnaître et à les utiliser. Clique ici pour commencer.

Read chapter one and do the activity to get the code opening the lock.

Thank you for helping me!

Pour t'entraîner davantage et obtenir ton badge "freedom", prouve à ton professeur que tu as bien effectué au moins 2 autres exercices sans fautes en les recopiant dans ton cahier. Clique sur les liens suivant pour accéder aux exercices :

  1. https://www.anglaisfacile.com/exercices/exercice-anglais-1/exercice-anglais-19.php
  2. https://www.anglaisfacile.com/exercices/exercice-anglais-1/exercice-anglais-100.php
  3. https://www.anglaisfacile.com/exercices/exercice-anglais-2/exercice-anglais-1157.php
  4. https://www.anglaisfacile.com/exercices/exercice-anglais-1/exercice-anglais-19.php
  5. https://www.anglaisfacile.com/exercices/exercice-anglais-2/exercice-anglais-34789.php
  6. http://www.englishbee.net/lessons/inter_exer/s_past/simple_past/simple_past_3/simple_past_3.htm

Click on the door at the back to leave the room.

  • Entraîne-toi à bien prononcer les verbes au prétérit : https://www.englishcentral.com/video/10717

Please, open my cage!

Are you Oliver? I can't see you! What do you think little cat?

Will you open the cage? Read chapter 1, The Workhouse and make the good choice! Be careful and do this activity by clicking here!

After doing the activity, click here!

Sorry, I can't help you...

I am in the market.What can I buy for the week?

Read page 17 to have the weekly rations. Record your answer on Seesaw.

Go to Mr Sowerberry's shop!

Who is Mr Sowerberry? Let's follow the policemen.

Now read chapter two, Mr Sowerberry's shop, page 19. If you have some questions, post them on Seesaw. 

There are too many people in the street. How can I find Oliver? I need a map.

What do you think about children's conditions in the nineteenth century? Post your answer on Seesaw.

To help Queen find Oliver, read chapter 2, Mr Sowerberry's shop and do this activity by clicking here.

Open your book "Oliver Twist" and do all the exercises on page 23 in your English copybook. Your teacher will give you your "lucky badge" if all your exercises are correct.

Dormir dans un salon funéraire n'est pas facile. Oliver décide donc de se tenir éveillé en créant des jeux. Utilise http://www.learningapps.org pour créer au moins deux jeux (mots croisés, pendus, QCM, etc.) qui reprennent ce que tu as appris et compris dans le chapitre 2. Tu publieras les liens de tes jeux dans Seesaw.

I want to see my friend. I will ask this man to send a message to Queen.

Do the activity in the luggage if you want to leave this room!

Queen ne sait pas envoyer un télégramme et tu devras rendre une réponse à Oliver en utilisant le site suivant : http://www.my-telegram.com/telegram.php. Tu devras envoyer ton télégramme par courriel à l'adresse suivante : regine-marie.ballonad@ac-rennes.fr Be modern, send a Telegram ! My-telegram

You will find more information about my journey by clicking here.

Why are these people running after this boy?

Click here to know if this boy is guilty or innocent!

Oliver lives in a beautiful house, but where is he? Why isn't he here?

Read pages 56-57 to see what a Victorian house looked like. Go to Seesaw and record your voice to answer this question: how is your house different from a Victorian house?

If you want to leave this room, find "a piece of glass with a shiny, metal-covered back that reflects light, producing an image of whatever is in front of it" and click on it!

Read chapter 5, Mr Brownlow and do the activity by clicking here.

Oliver is not here... Let's try another place.

Touch all the elements to find the secret door.

What are the policemen called in England? Why?

Maybe Oliver will be at school this morning.

Read chapter 5, Mr Brownlow to check if Oliver will be at school.

Click on the fourth desk in front of you to leave the room!

Prepare an exposé about one of these 3 topics:

  1. London in Dickens's time (see page 37)
  2. Present a painting (see page 42)
  3. Children and education in the 1800s (see page 92)Prepare 10 questions to ask your friends about your topic. You can create games!Be creative!

Play with Oliver here!

Can I have a newspaper please? Maybe something terrible happened to Oliver!

Read page 51 chapter 6 and find information about the crime that happened. Write a newspaper article by using this website .

Should I stay downstairs or go upstairs?

Practise your understanding and do exercises 1 page 54, 2 page 55 and 3 page 55. Practise your reading by recording exercise 1 or 3 on Seesaw.

Please, help me, I am hurt.

Thanks for helping Oliver! Now click here!

If you are not ready to help Oliver, click here!

Create the dialogue between Mr Brittles and Dr Losberne after what happened with Oliver.

Find the main entrance and click on it.

Read chapter 8, Nancy's secret, page 67.

Do exercise 4 page 66: Victorian toys and record your answer on Seesaw.

Clue for the exit

Do this activity: https://learningapps.org/display?v=p6mhex8sj17

Do this activity: https://learningapps.org/display?v=pr70vxjaa17

Click on the time when Nancy will meet Rose.

Do exercise 2 page 72 in your English copybook. Post your homework on Seesaw.

Let's go to London Bridge!

Do this activity: https://learningapps.org/display?v=pyzuztgp517

Your freedom is priceless.

Do exercise 1 page 77 in your English copybook. Post your homework on Seesaw.

Can you take up this challenge? https://learningapps.org/display?v=p4zasb45517

Rose's aunt wants to know what happened with Mr Brownlow and Nancy. Create the dialogue and record it on Seesaw.

Why does Nancy want to help Oliver? Write 5 lines minimum to answer the question and give your paper back to your teacher.

The time of truth has come!

Will you tell the truth? https://learningapps.org/display?v=p8cezy7vj17

Do you know these people? https://learningapps.org/display?v=p3ojunoe517

Do exercise 1 page 83 in your English copybook and post it on Seesaw.

Click on the rope and do the exercise if you don't want to finish like Fagin!

What is the end of this story? https://learningapps.org/display?v=pcrvaanh317

Before being hanged, Fagin wrote his last will in a long letter for Oliver. Write this letter.

Please come back when you have finished writing your article.

Good to see you happy, Oliver!

Read chapter 11 and do exercise n°2 page 90 in your English copybook. Post your homework on Seesaw.

After reading chapter 11, do this activity: https://learningapps.org/display?v=pyadj8pkc17

Work in a team of 4 maximum and prepare 40 questions about the book.

Thanks for reading the book and playing with Queen and Oliver!

Speak about your favourite chapter in the book on Seesaw.

You did not read your chapter and do your activity. You are under arrest!

Merci à mes relecteurs et à tous ceux qui ont partagé ce projet !Delphine @Delphine_DauxFlorence @flebras56Carine @anglaisglaisalvesMélanie @melfenaertChristelle @christelleques1

You did not read your chapter and do your activity. You are under arrest!

You did not read your chapter and do your activity. You are under arrest!

Do you really want to be hanged like Fagin? Do your activity instead of cheating!