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STEP 4: We have decided to introduce videos in some questions we have done. We needed to create a google account and a youtube channel to can upload videos and link them to the questions. Touch the image and you will be able to access to our youtube channel. ceippablo iglesias Canal creado para la subida de los vídeos que los alumno/as del CEIP. PABLO IGLESIAS de Talavera de la Reina están realizando para la crear el kahoot "Cervan... YouTube

STEP 1. Reading about XVIII chapter of the first part of “Don Quijote de la Mancha”. The complete title is “Where the reasons that happened to Sancho Panza with Don Quixote are told and other dignified adventures to be told”. It´s kown by the pupils as the chapter of sheep, in which the famous nobleman fights against a flock of sheep because he thinks is a true army.

STEP 2: After reading the chapter, we make 10 questions with three possible answers for each one. They are chosen for the final kahoot. Then, we choose images, pictures, photos, videos, projects, digital tools…to be used in our Kahoot.

STEP 5: Which other tool can we use to enrich our kahoot? Why not scratch? Scratch is an application for children that permits them to explore and to experiment the concepts of computer programming using a simple graphic interface. This tool was being used at break time in another project we have at school “Scratch at break time”. We created an account and we made three projects to be saved and edited with you tube editor to be included in our channel: Touch here and you will be able to access to our channel.

STEP 3: How are we going to explain the project and its objective? We have used Genially, a tool to create all type of contents on line, enriched with dynamism, interactivity and external contents . This tool is used to develop contents in the subject of Natural Science and Social Science in our school.

STEP 6: Using Tagxedo, 2.0 tool to create interactive word clouds. We have created decorative clouds to introduce them in the final kahoot. Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles Tagxedo turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning word cloud Tagxedo

ENDING OF THE PROYECTWe arrive to the final part of our proyect; the performance of kahoot "CERVANTES INTO ENGLISH" Do you know what kahoot is? It is a learning platform based on game that allow teachers and pupils to investigate, to create and share knowledges. It is a different way for learning through motivation and creativity. Do you know to play it? The players must be enter in kahoot.it using computer, smartphone, tablet,… Then, they will be requested to introduce the code given by the creator. For smartphone and tablet we need to download the free application that kahoot offers for android and for ios. TOUCH HERE. THE GAME STARTS.

Hello everyone! We are Ainhoa, Ariel, Manuel, Inés, Candela, Robert, Ana, Jhostin, Erika, Marta y Carlos pupils of Pablo Iglesias School, from Talavera de la Reina. We have done this work with our teachers Virginia y Juan Carlos to participate in the prize “Cervantes into English”, organized by the Education, Culture and Sports Departemt in Castilla-La Mancha. Our school has been working several years ago with digital resources, digital book, virtual classroom Papas 2.0, ICT tools on line,…That´s the reason why we have decided to participate in option number 1, digital works. We have based our project in this one, the ICT tools on line, resources that we usually used in class: genially, scratch, taxengo, google, monkey jump and kahoot. All of this, next to English contents, has been the base to do the work that we present now. Please, continue the way we have set and and you could see the development of the project the gamification and kahoot as a tool. We wish you like it.