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The eyes of others our prisons;their thoughts our cages.

Feminism involves so much more than gender equality. And it involves so much more than gender.

The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are.

When I write I do not have the impression of looking inside me, I look inside a memory.

The oppressor would not be sostrong if he did not have accomplicesamong the oppressed.





ChimamandaNgozi Adichie

Annie Ernaux

Virginia Woolf

Angela Davis

Simone de Beauvoir

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The Second Sex(1949)Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter(1958)A Woman Destroyed(1967)The coming of age(1970)

Books bySimone de Beauvoir

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We Should All Be Feminists (2015)Purple Hibiscus (2017)The danger of a single story (2018)Notes on Grief (2021)

Books byChimamanda Ngozi

If They Come in the Morning(1971)An Autobiography(1974)Women, Race, & Class(1981)Women, Culture & Politics(1989)

Books byAngela Davis

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Happening(1963)Cleaned out(1974)Passion perfect(1993)The years(2022)

Books byAnnie Ernaux

Mrs. Dalloway (1925)To the Lighthouse (1927)A Room of One's Own (1928)Reviewing (1939)

Books byVirginia Woolf