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Jorge López Cogollos

The Green Mile


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Stereotypes and gender role

In this movie, there are several scenes that show men crying from John to prison guards as Moore, Paul or the cruel Percy. These acts cause an impact on the viewers. Seeing a man cry and sad used to be a feeling that strangely appeared because society told them that they don't have to show weakness. Although, if this man works in a prision, is more shocking due to the fact that the prisoners have to see them as rough, brave and with no feeling.The Green mile broke this prejudice. The characters are presented as human which include the feeling of justice, the worries that their job cause or the great regret of John's situation.

Dialect and setting

Along the film, we can perceive that there are big differences between characters including attitude, traditions, and obviously, the dialect or the way of speaking. We are going to analyse the differences between Paul Edgecomb and John Coffey´s.

Camera techniques and Music

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When Wild Bill arrives and he starts fighting with the prison guards, there are many transtions and short scenes with the camera and the speed of the music increase. The reason is that in a few seconds take place many things until Paul threated him. The director wants to show how problematic and cruel Bill is.Then, Mr Jingles is accompanied by a music with a lot of rhythm and repetitive which introduce us in a funny scene. The transition are longer and calmed because the mouse only brings joy to some characters.

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Literary devices

Allusion are indirect reference which goal is to let us know a menssage without saying it clearly. A reason to use this resource is to make us think about a complex situation, fact or person.During the film, there are obvious examples. As the way that John looks like and how he really is or the superiority of white people who think they have more rights because of the color of their skin. John's situation make us think we have to be interested in knowing people truly and not be only focus on their appearance.


Paul Edgecomb

The main protagonist of the film who is a compassionate man whose target is justice. He cares about prisoners, treating and considering them well. He is a very human and brave character, having the capacity of connecting with the prisoners.


Jhon Coffey

He is a very gentle, kind and pure man. He has the ability of healing people who need it, being a very sentive person. His innocence and goodness makes him beloved character.



He isa selfish, cruel and bad person, who uses to abuse of his power and humilliates prisoners. Shows a lack of empathy and caring of others.


Billy the kid

He is a brave and strong person who lives in an hostile environment, being violend and ruthless.