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A creepy religious story



The convex's friend: "Good morning detective something happened in the convent and I'm really worried. The owner of the convent said that my friend, who is also a convex, went to the Netherlands. But I don't think she is there, I think she disappeared. In fact I tried to contact her but she didn't reply my messages. Can you help me to find her?


Explore the convent to find some clues that could help you


It's closed...

It's too dark...

Open inventory...

We have to interrogate the owner of the convent who is it?


The convex

The nun of Monza

A ghost

The detective goes to the nun and he says to her: "I've done some research and you don't appear in the archive...so what is your real name?





Detective: "Okay good, could you tell me why you decided to become a nun?

I had a deep religious calling.


My father decided it to preserve the family's wealth.

My parents wanted to secure me a wealthy marriage.

Detective: "Okay good, do you remember a young novel desappeared improvvisely a few years ago... where did she go?


The Netherlands



It's not correct...

Find the key to continue

Continue exploring the house


It's too dark...

Inventario abierto...

Detective: "Okay, I heard some voices about a man who hasn't a great past and I have to ask you if you know a man called Egidio".

I'm sorry, I don't have information

No, I don't


Yeah...all I know is that he is dangerous (this sentence is told with insecurity)

Yes, he lives near the convent


Well, I know that she is really devoted

Yes...nobody knows...but I've heard she has a secret relationship

No I'm sorry, I don't know her really well

Yes, she's really kind!

Now the detective has finished to interrogate the nun and he's interrogating another convex.Detective: "Can you tell me something about the nun?"


With Renzo

With the king of UK

With a priest

With a man called Egidio

Detective: "That's new! Do you know with who?


All I know is that he killed some people in the past

He wrote a book

No, I'm sorry

He's a priest

Detective: "Oh my god! The nun told me she heard his name before but she didn't tell me anything else, can you tell me something about him?"

You discovered some interesting things and now you've gotta put them together. You discovered that the nun of Monza is the owner of the convent and she also has a secret relationship with a man. You also discovered that this man is dangerous and he's done some really bad things in the past.

You collected some informations, so let's do a brief recap


Continue exploring the house

Inventario abierto...

You found a new item for your inventory

Use the magnifying glass to find the code and then insert it into the typewriter.


Detective: "Oh my god! The convex was killed! Do you think we need to perlustrate the convent?


No, i don't care

Yes, absolutely

F*ck you

Detective: "Perfect, I called my forensic team and they found a letter in the nun's office"

Detective: 'we need to arrest the nun and Egidio they are where is the body, but where is it? Hurry up!'


It is buried in the nun's private garden

It is in the Netherlands

It is in the nun's library

The detective arrives at the nun's garden.Detective: "I need to arrest both of you!" Egidio: "Why?"

You stole my money

You killed the convex

You started a fire


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