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The ones that are not so common but used by people as a means of transportain are the canoe cayuco and cayac


Las no tan comunes pero mas utilizadas por la gente como medio de trasporte son las canoas cayucos y callac

The are also the famous trajineras that are only used for tourist purposes

Tambien estan las famosas trajineras que solo las usan con fines turisticos

Native and surrounding people go out in small canoes to selland offer their products to tourists. People not only use them for tourism purpose but also as a means of transportation to get to their homes or to go from one place to another

La gentenativa y de los alrededores salen en pequeñas canoas para ofrecer sus productos a los turistas. La gente no solo las usa con fines turisticos si no tambien como medio de trasporte para llegar a sus casas o pasar de un lado a otro

The anciant xochimilca native used a canoe from a single log and carued to the required shape called monoxilio or acalli

Los antiguos xochimilcas utilizaban una canoa hecha de un solo tronco y tallado a la forma monoxilio o acalli