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  • Black was said to symbolize the dignity and determination of the German people.
  • Red was said to symbolize bravery, strength and valor.
  • The color of gold historically represented wealth, power, and prestige.

Flag of Germany

Tourist places Berlin Wall…

The famous Berlin Wall was built in order to separate two parts of Germany – the East and the West. The most popular spot on the wall is called the East Side Gallery, where many famous artists converted the old and dull remains of the wall into a colourful gallery in the heart of Berlin. In total, the wall is 155km long.

Tourist places

Kölner Dom

Schloss Sanssouci

Tourist places

Brandenburger Tor

Zugspitze - Garmisch Partenkirchen

Dirndls fell out of favor after World War II, but they have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Today’s designers are “breathing new life” into this traditional dress, and it’s not unusual for women to wear dirndls to family celebrations or other special events.

Traditional costume

Germany is a country with great biological diversity. About 48,000 animal species, 9,500 plant species and more than 14,000 mushroom species live in the country.

Food in Germany

Sausages (Wurst):

There are over 1,500 types, with Bratwurst and Weisswurst being particularly famous.

Pretzels (Brezeln):

Soft, salted bread typically enjoyed with mustard or butter.


:A pot roast usually made from beef, marinated for several days before slow-cooking.


Breaded and fried meat cutlet, often served with potatoes and a lemon wedge.

Christmas Markets: Festive markets set up in towns and cities during Advent, selling crafts, food, and mulled wine (Glühwein).

Festivals in Germany

Karneval/Fasching: A pre-Lenten celebration with parades, costumes, and parties, especially popular in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale): One of the world's leading film festivals, held annually in Berlin.

Oktoberfest: The world's largest beer festival held annually in Munich, featuring beer tents, traditional Bavarian music, and hearty food.