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Principal characteristics

Scan and recognition of aliments.Analise of images=The app with the AI can scan for images the food that you are eating. Can identify the food’s nutrients.Ingredients detection=The IA recognizes an incredible amount of foods and gives information about the ingredients.

The AI gives a digital version of the nutritional labels.

The app shows the number of calories.


Evaluation of eating habits.

The app analyzes the user's eating habits over time to identify patterns and areas for improvement.

Recommendations for improvements.

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The app offers personalized suggestions to improve your diet, such as increasing your intake of certain nutrients or reducing your consumption of specific foods.

Foods planning.

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The app helps users to plan their diets based on their health goals and dietary preferences.

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  1. Improves food awareness: Users can learn more about the nutritional content of their foods and make more informed decisions about their diet.
  2. Personalization to improve health: The app offers personalized recommendations that help users achieve their health goals more effectively.
  3. Easy to use: Food scanning and real-time analysis make it easy for users to obtain nutritional information without needing to search for data online.


Nutri AI is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to offer detailed and accurate analysis of the food we consume. By providing comprehensive nutritional information and personalized recommendations, the app helps users make informed decisions about their diet and improve their long-term health and well-being.