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Effective Communication

Whether delivering a presentation, speaking to a class of peers, or having a one-on-one conversation, speaking confidently can help build positive relations, achieve goals and help communicate a point clearly and effectively.Having a confident communication style is not about being loud or having bravado. It is about speaking clearly and being prepared to share your ideas - even, or perhaps especially, if you are not 100% certain they are correct (after all, sharing with others is often the only way to find out). Everyone's personality is unique, and we all have various levels of confidence. Effective communication skills develop over time, so be sure to try the reflective activity in the video!



Unsure whether you have struck the right tone in an email or other writing? Goblin tools has a great tone checker (Judge tab) and formaliser (Formalizer tab):

Further Online Resources

Goblin Tools

Further tips can be found on this Harvard blog, for professional contexts:

Harvard Communication Tips

Alternatively, the following focuses more on interpersonal understanding and reflection as a basis for effective communication:

Blog: Interpersonal Communication, Help Guides

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