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Cross-company transactions use cross-company control accountsWhen you select Cross-Company Control Account as the GL type in Account Create, the Intercompany Account field in GL Accounts is automatically selected.

Cross-Company GL Accounts Use the Cross-Company GL Accounts panel to set up cross-company accounts to track amounts for these transactions between entities:

  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Inventory
  • Manual Journal Entry
  • Fixed Assets (FA)
These accounts must be cross-company control accounts. When an operational transaction references more than one entity, the system automatically creates the required intercompany balancing entries using these accounts. The default sub-account associated with the account in GL Accounts is also used in the cross-company posting. Manual cross-company postings call also be made in various financial functions. Cost centers, projects, and SAF analysis cannot be used with cross-company accounts. You can leave these fields blank when the domain associated with the entity is unconfirmed, but you cannot confirm the setup of a domain until the cross-company accounts are defined. These fields are required even when a domain has only a single entity. This ensures that if another entity is added later, transactions are created properly.