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I wear a uniform. I am often a woman. I work in a hospital. I help a doctor.

I use markers or chalk. I work in a school. I have students. I give homework.

I wear a uniform. I travel a lot. People call me captain. I fly planes.

I work on weekdays. I often work weekends. I help people. I work in a shop or mall.

I work with scissors. I work in a salon. I wash, dry and brush. I cut hair.

I wear a uniform. I walk or cycle a lot. I don’t like dogs. I deliver mail.

I like the ocean. I have nets. I work on a boat. I catch fish.

I work in the sky. I’m a woman or a man I serve food and drinks. I’m usually friendly and helpful.

I put things together. I often work in shifts. I work in a factory. I work on an assembly line.

I wear a uniform. I often wear green. I have a gun or rifle. I defend my country.

I’m a sports star. I make a lot of money. I play for big clubs. I wear football boots.

I wear a uniform. I drive a vehicle. I pick up people. I drive a bus.

I work outdoors. I work with cement. I wear a hard hat. I build houses.

I don’t have a paid job. I stay at home. I manage the house. I take care of my family.

I work in an office. I make phone calls. I send emails. I make appointments.

I work at or near home. I drive a tractor. I grow vegetables. I have animals in the field.

I wear a uniform. I work in shifts. People in trouble call me. I put out fires.

I wear a white hat. I feed people. I work in a kitchen. I cook.

I wear a uniform. I perform operations. I work in a hospital. I make sick people better.

I wear a uniform. I often have a gun. I conduct traffic. I catch thieves.

I move people around. I drive a car. I charge a fare. I drive a taxi.

Guess who?

Once upon a time in Verona, there was a kind mayor who wanted to give something to the people of Verona for Christmas…

  • One evening, the power went out at 7:05pm
  • It came back on at 7:23pm
  • When the light returned, the bicycle was missing
  • Everybody is a suspect.
  • Choose 5 possible suspects and release the others
  • Everybody is a suspect.
  • In your groups, read the alibis of the suspects.
  • Who do you believe?
  • Teacher: "I was correcting homework in the classroom. You can ask the caretaker, he saw me there."
  • Flight Attendant: "I was serving drinks on a flight to Verona at that time. I was with the pilot and other crew.”
  • Housewife: "I was at home with my kids at that time. My husband called to say he was coming home at 9pm. He is a chef"
  • Pilot: "I flew into Verona early in the day, not when the bike was stolen. I was asleep in my hotel room at the time."
  • Factory Worker: ”Most people went home at 6pm. I was operating a machine until 8 pm. I was alone."
  • Secretary: "I was organizing files in the office. The power went out, so I left early."
  • Shopkeeper: "I was closing my shop. The hairdresser next door waved to me when she left at about 7pm."
  • Soldier: "I was at the barracks. The commander can confirm my duty hours."
  • Farmer: "I was in the barn, milking cows. My assistant was with me until the power came back."
  • Hairdresser: "I was at the hair salon until 7 pm. The shopkeeper next door saw me when I was leaving."
  • Football Player: "I was at the stadium for practice until it got too dark to play. The coach drove me home."
  • Firefighter: "I was at the station with the other firemen. We waited for emergency calls, but nothing happened."
  • Postman: "I was delivering mail until late. It was so dark, nobody saw me, but I remember passing the bus station."
  • Bus Driver: "I was on the last bus route when the power cut. I finished my route and parked the bus at the station."
  • Cook: "I was preparing food for the next day until about 10pm. Others were there, but they all left before me."
  • Chef: "I was in the kitchen until 9pm, but I went outside to make a phone call when the power went out."

Alibis- Who do you suspect ?

Who is guilty?

  • The Secretary doesn't say where she was at the time of the theft.
  • The Hairdresser also has no proof of where she went after she left the salon at 7pm
  • Why was The Postman delivering letters so late?
  • The Factory Worker was alone, so his alibi cannot be proved. He may have left earlier.
  • The Flight Attendant's alibi conflicts with the Pilot's statement.
  • The Chef was not in the kitchen when the power went out.

The Police Report

The chef made the phone call as an excuse to pop out and steal the bicycle, thinking no one would notice in the confusion during the power cut. He wanted to make a protest to mayor about the amount of tourists in Verona. The bicycle was found in a storage area that only the chef knew about.

Who is guilty?

I would …

What would you do if you were a…?

Flight Attendant: If you were a flight attendant and a passenger became ill during the flight, how would you assist them? Pilot: If you were a pilot and encountered unexpected turbulence, how would you reassure your passengers?? Secretary: If you were a secretary and discovered a confidential document had been misplaced, how would you handle the situation? Shopkeeper: If you were a shopkeeper and a celebrity walked into your shop, how would you react? Soldier: If you were a soldier and received an unexpected day off, what would you do to make the most of your time?

I would …

Hairdresser: If you were a hairdresser and a client asked for a style that you knew wouldn't suit them, how would you advise them? Firefighter: If you were a firefighter and you had to teach children about fire safety, what key lesson would you emphasize? Postman: If you were a postman and found a lost pet on your route, what would you do to ensure its safe return? Bus Driver: If you were a bus driver and the weather turned icy and dangerous, how would you ensure your passengers' safety? Cook: If you were a cook and had to prepare a meal using only the ingredients left in the pantry, what dish would you create? Chef: What meal would you cook at home for your partner's friends that you never met before?