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Simple future

Autor/a: Gomez Mario Profesor/a: Arellano Miriam

18 de Junio 2024a

02. What is and when to use the future simple?

The future simple in English, as its name indicates, is one of the verb tenses

It is used to express actions that will happen in the future. It is not necessary to clarify the exact moment in which they will occur.

The simple future is the future with will. If you want to talk about tomorrow's weather, what you're not going to do next week, or ask when your favorite artist is going to sing, the simple future is the right one

03. Structure of the simple future


Future Simple Affirmative

Subject + will + infinitive verb + complement

After will, the main verb must be used in the infinitive


    • Jason will start his second year of high school next month
    • They will play tennis tomorrow after work.

    Simple future negative

    They can be used to give orders or express the will of not wanting to do something. They are formed by adding the not of the negation to the will

    Subject + will not / won’t + infinitive verb + complement

    • The children won’t be ready in time for school.
    • I will not follow my lawyer’s advice

    In positive:Will + subject + infinitive verb + complement + ? in negative: Will + subject + not + infinitive verb + complement + ?

    Futuro simple en Interrogativo


    • Will they come to the high school reunion?
    • Won’t the producers announce the winner this afternoon?

    It is used for spontaneous decisions about the future, that is, the actions to be carried out have not been planned prior to the present moment.

    The future simple is a verbal tense that we generally use to express actions or events that will happen in a time after the present moment.


    • Barbara and Alex won’t get married after all.
    • Will you come to my graduation ceremony?
    • Won’t Sarah take vacations soon?

    Future sentences with will

    • I will have the information by tomorrow.
    • The doctors will let us know when he gets out of surgery.
    • My cousins won’t come to my birthday party.

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