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Ugaitz Caballero C7



it was the first book I was given as a gift when I was a child and I will always cherish it and keep it as if it were a treasure.
If I were a BOOK, I´d be....
I would like this song because it represents me a lot for all that I have been through and for the background of the song I love it.
If I were a SONG, I ´d be ...

white horse

I would be a white horse because I love it and because when I was little I had a white horse named copito and I will always remember him with great affection.

If I Were an ANIMAL...I´d be a

It would be the movie moana because it is one of the movies that I love from my childhood and it is one of the movies that I love from disney.

If I were a FILM , I´de be...

It would be generosity because I like to give without receiving anything in return, it is true that sometimes that brings bad luck.


IF I were a VALUE , I´d be ....


If it were a vehicle it would be a white volvo car because they are one of the cars that I love and that I would like to have.

If I were a VEHICLE , I´d be a....

If it were a historical moment, it would be the French Revolution because I love the French Revolution.

French Revolution

If I were a HISTORICAL EVENT, I'd.....

If it were an atromic phenomena it would be a whirlwind because I love to see them in videos and so on but in person it would not be funny.

If I were an ATMOSPHERIC PHENOMENON , I ´d be...

If it were a flower, it would be a rose because I love those flowers because they are beautiful for their color but piligrosas for their spikes.


If I were a FLOWER , I´d be a...

Thank you