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Student's name: Rosas Pacheco Alan Eduardo.Cluster: 262.Teacher's name: MIRIAM ARELLANO MEJIA.

Project cut 3

1-Equality adjectives.2-Going to.

Project topics:

Use:We use as+adjective+as to make comparisons.In affirmative form, we emphasize the subjects we are equal in some way.On the other hand, in negative form, we emphasize the subjects we are comparing are different.

Equality adjectives.

Mexico City is as charming as Monterrey.Kerry is as dynamic as Carol


Affirmative form (+).

Manzanillo isn´t as noisy as Acapulco.Luis an Gabriel aren´t as responsible as Tony is.


Negative form (-).

Is France as polluted as Tijuana?.Are your books as new as mine?.


Interrogative form (?).

Is a structure that we use to talk about he future.We use going to when we havethe intention to do something before we speak.We have a decision before speaking.


Going to.

(WH question)+be+(am,is,are)+subject+going to+verb in base form+complement?.

Interrogative form(?).

subject+be(am,is,are)+not+going to+verb in base form+complement.

Negative form (-).

Subject+be(am,is,are)+going to+verb in verb in base form+complement.

Affirmative form (+).


My cousin won the lottery he says he´s goin to buy a car.We´re not going to go paint our bedroom tomorrow.When are you going to go on vacation?.