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Stage 1. General Information Learning Unit 2. Progression: Learning trajectory. Category. Subcategories. Fundamental contents of the progression. Teacher mediation


Write sentences or short texts considering aspects such as: the structure of the sentence; rules spelling and punctuation; the verb tense in what the action happens and the phrases of time appropriate; and the connectors to give sequence to the text.


Spelling. Punctuation. Layout. Coherence and cohesion.

Use adverbs of time and connectors as a means to join ideas that clearly and precisely express events or happenings from the past through various strategies for composing oral or written texts. Adverbs of time (yesterday, last week, last night, two years ago, among others) indicate when an action occurs; and the connectors (first, then, next, after that, before, later, finally, and and but) give order to the events reported.

Time of development of the progression. Stage 2. Lesson plan Opening activities. Development activities. Closing activities Stage .

Example: I had a terrible day yesterday. First, I woke up late. Later, I took the wrong bus to school. Activity. Through writing a short text about a memorable experience or significant in their life in the past, the student expresses in writing or orally events with cohesion and coherence.

You will make a timeline, recounting your life stages from when you were children to the present, writing important events in your life. using adverbs of time and connectors.

Each student will come forward to present their timeline.

They will share with their classmates their emotions by describing each stage of their life related to the timeline.

Stage 3. Cross curricular contents Diagnosis.Project objectives. Project justification. Progressions of knowledge areas, socio-cognitive and socio-emotional resources . Work schedule . 8am - 10am

They will use the projector to illustrate in a written form a story invented by themselves with cultural themes of their own state or community, using adverbs of time.

As a diagnosis, the timeline made by their life stages was taken into account.

As a justification for the project, explain its functionality, social relevance, and develop the impact that the stages of your life will have in the social sphere and in your community.

The learning developed in the field of social collaboration, physical activities that they carried out during their stages of life, as well as artistic and cultural activities.


The evaluation instrument is through a rubric, with a scale of 5 to 10.

The transversal project will be evaluated through a rubric as well, considering each of the aspects developed in its presentation.